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6 Ways to Turn your Backyard into an Oasis

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We spend too much of our lives working, for some this could be more than a third of our entire lives. When we factor in sleep, there is precious little time for ourselves, what time we do have is spent on day to day chores. We need to take more time out for ourselves. One way we can do this is by creating our own urban oasis in our backyard. When designing your own backyard oasis, let your imagination go wild, think Roman Gardens, think tropical paradise, think cottage garden. The ultimate backyard oasis will be different for every one of us, it will all depend on your own personal tastes, although there are many things that are essential in your back yard oasis that will ensure it will provide the ultimate relaxation. homify has found the top things to have in your backyard oasis.

Set an Area with Cushions

Our backyard is our own personal oasis, separate from the bustling, busy world outside. It is important that we represent this in the design of these spaces. We should aim to create a relaxing, peaceful and quiet environment. What better way to create this than with an outdoor lounge? Imagine relaxing on one of these after a long and hectic week. To make this an even more attractive scene include a scattering of cushions. This can create an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation. Be sure to have a colour theme, as to not include any conflict in the colours or patterns in the cushions. Try to avoid bright colours, or crazy patterns, these can bring the wrong type of energy in the space.

Hang a Hammock

Garden furniture is essential to have in your backyard if you intend to do some entertaining, but to be able to fully relax in your backyard oasis, a hammock is the only way to go. There are so many different types of hammock, there is bound to be one that will fit into your design. If you think that a hammock will require a garden with two perfectly spaced trees, this is not the case. A hammock can be strung up between many different sturdy structures including on a deck or between a deck and a tree. If there is nothing to attach your hammock to, consider a hammock on a stand. This is a wonderfully versatile type of hammock. Once you have your hammock in place, it is simply a matter of relaxing, with the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. This hammock is by Hen and Hammock.

Build a Wood Fire

A fire can bring warmth and a central focus to a backyard and there are so many ways we can do this. Fire pits or an outdoor fireplace can be constructed on balconies, terraces or in backyards. They can be simple, small fire pits constructed from an iron base no larger than a salad bowl, ideal for balconies and small terraces to much larger pits that create a focus in any large backyard. Building an outdoor fireplace has become more popular. These fireplaces look the same as an indoor fireplace with a chimney, simply positioned outdoors. These are often exactly the same design and size as the indoor varieties. This brings the idea of living in the great outdoors to a whole new level.

Hang Lanterns on the Trees

To create the perfect backyard oasis, it should be your ultimate place for resting, relaxing and reflecting. Fill the space with the things that make you feel positive and free from stress. For some people an element of magic is just the thing to forget about the worries of their daily lives. Create a magical and enchanting backyard with lights. Lanterns are a wonderful way of building s beautiful lighting theme in your yard. Place these lanterns in trees, at the base of bushes and along the pathways. This will illuminate the underside of these plants and create an unusual and magical atmosphere. Use your imagination and lights to create your ultimate backyard oasis. Use coloured lights, solar lights and coloured lights. Place lights in pot plants, through flower gardens and along the fenceline. The possibilities are endless.

Build a Pergola

In some places around the world the weather can limit the amount of time one can spend outdoors. It may be limited by the hot temperature, the rain or the humidity. This can be a disaster to any plans of a backyard oasis. Although it doesn’t have to be. Why not have a place that is protected from the sun, rain and can include a fan for those humid days. A pergola is a wonderful solution to any issues with the weather.  It is also very versatile  it is a place where you can hang your hammock, install your fireplace and place your sofa with the extra comfortable cushions. It is also a place where you can hang your lanterns. Imagine your ultimate fairytale garden with a pergola in the centre, there is a hammock along one side and a sofa along the back. The filtered sun shines on the cushions, creating your ultimate backyard oasis. This pergola is by Ecospace Espana

Plant a Palm Tree

アッタ幡豆の空間, domus domus Tropical style garden Plants & flowers

Now that you have a wonderful space to relax in a protected part of the garden, is it feeling too much like being indoors? Regain that sense of the outdoors again by inviting mother nature into this space. Do this by including some plants into the space. Palm trees are wonderful plants to include in your pergola and in your backyard. By including them in both areas, you can create a wonderful link between the two areas. Now you can sit back on your hammock, a cocktail in your hand and imagine that you are sitting on the beach of a tropical island.

Statistics have shown that stress levels have contributed strongly to the declining health levels of people around the world. It is important for all of us to be able to find time our for ourselves, away from the stressful environments. One way we can achieve this is by having our own personal backyard oasis. A backyard oasis is a wonderful way to relax allowing us to reduce our blood pressure and improve our health. To create your ultimate backyard oasis consider hanging a hammock, building a fire pit, including an area with cushions, hang lanterns in the trees, constructing a pergola and including palm trees. This is just the beginning of what an ultimate backyard oasis could become. For more inspiration see 6 Fantastic Garden Ideas.

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