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A stunning Apartment Filled with Heavenly Luxury!

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Industrial style corridor, hallway and stairs by AAW studio Industrial
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Plenty of natural light and an earthy vibe in a compact space – that is the best way to describe this home. Designed by the interior architects at AAW Studio in Warszawa, this loft is called the Projeckt Koncepcyjyn Wnetrz Loftu o Industrialnym Charakterze. This industrial looking space improvises on the typical loft design scheme, with lots of wood, bricks, and metal which stand under trendy focussed lighting. The residence enjoys adequate ventilation, is functional but aesthetically appealing too. The interesting mix of textures and designs makes this abode a must see. So take the tour to find out what each nook and cranny has to offer!

A warm entryway

The entryway is a warm, cocoon like space that is dressed in dark wood and metal. The wooden alcove has a leather recessed seat built into the wall with midnight blue tufted upholstery, adding a surprise classic element. The heavy metal door and the staircase leading to the upper storey, usher in the industrial chic look with aplomb.

A bright and quirky living room

The living room makes a chic and unique statement with an earthy brick wall on one side, and a bank of windows in slim metal frames in front of the sectional sofa. The unexpected element of fun is added by the purple seats and yellow throws accompanying the white sectional. The comfortable looking couch looks inviting and sits pretty in its simplicity. The rug complements the couch, while the irregularly-shaped coffee table adds a hint of quirk. Don’t miss the curvy freestanding lamp near the sofa, and the wiry industrial looking lights suspended from the ceiling.

An industrial looking kitchen

The kitchen brings in various touches of the industrial school of design, befitting the loft and its classic contours. The exposed dark beams slide across the white ceiling to create visual interest, while the kitchen offers an unhindered view of the living and dining area and the massive glass and metal wall we saw before. The wooden kitchen island exhibits a warm, compact look, while a simple dining table sits in front for cosy meal times.

The sleek study

The study is a sleek space that is full of industrial touches, wood and clever lighting. The linear shelves are well lit with track lighting as they remain the highlight of this space. Grey stone finishes drape the walls here while a simple swivel chair sits in front of the desk. If you were looking for a creative atmosphere, this stark yet stylish space might just be the answer. For inspiration, you can always turn your chair and soak in the breathtaking view of the landscape through the glass and metal wall.

A cool and comfy bedroom

A trip along the staircase will take you upstairs into the bedroom suite. This suite has been done with the same superior design quality that is stark yet stylish. The cool bedroom has an exposed brick wall standing behind the grey and white bed. A large mirror leans against the wall on one side, while white closets bring in a modern touch. The seating zone with comfortable white and teal chairs grace this room, and add a pop of colour. Grey slabs of stone on the floor make a style statement, when in tandem with the curvy ceiling and brick wall. The glass and metal balustrade on one side offers an unhindered view of the proceedings below.

The retro bathroom

The bathroom is a blatantly retro space with a geometric wave-like pattern on the floors and a monochrome look. The mirror at one end of this space makes it look open and expansive. The compact WC sits close to the sleek and glossy wall mounted counter that holds the sink. A large, snug tub adorns the end of this longish bathroom, and a simple floor to ceiling storage rack houses towels, robes and other essentials. A back to basics look has been achieved in this space.

This loft is a fashion statement of sorts, with its well lit corners and the overall layout which brings out the best in the space. An eclectic touch comes through the play of various design elements, which go from modern to classic and retro in a simple flourish. The best part about this home is the fact that it has been kept minimal and uncluttered so that the senses can enjoy the natural elements that create an earthy, back to basics, loft like appeal. The industrial aura gets some breathing space with large windows and lots of natural light. Here is another home tour if you are looking for more ideas - The Most Amazing Small Apartment You Will Ever See!

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