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Fabryka Wnętrz Minimalist dining room
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Designed by Fabryka Wnetrz – a team of renowned interior architects in Konin – this contemporary and chic home has been named Wnetrza Prywatne. This tastefully and futuristically designed residence features sudden pops of colours and exudes a modern yet earthy appeal. The highlights of the home include the fact that it leans towards colour without making it an overpowering design element. In keeping things simple, the decor creates an unusual story with a medley of different elements like stone, greenery and wood. As you start exploring the residence, you will come across innovative lighting, eclectic touches, and quirky lines and angles which can delight even the most unobservant guest! Take the tour to see for yourself! Lets begin…

A warm living room

The living room is full of warmth thanks to the colour hues used. The muted orange shelf brings out the best in the couches with their vibrant looking throw pillows. The gleaming marble floor features an inlay effect with a circle in the centre in a contrast wooden hue. The same wood polish follows the eye upwards with the glass and wooden shelving unit which stands nearby like a pillar. The shelves in this cabinet hold white crockery and other decorative bric-a-brac. The stone tiled wall in front curves to a side, while another alcove at the other end of the expansive hall houses a low wooden shelf. Large windows on the left give this space an open look.

A white and wooden dining room

The dining room presents a fusion of sorts, with a modern looking solid dining table in a dark polish sitting in the centre. White retro chairs in moulded contours have been placed around it to balance the darkness of the table. The crisscrossed chrome lines of the chandelier with bulbs at the ends, also makes for a retro like vibe in the space. To the side, the kitchen can be seen with a wooden and white modern looking fireplace sitting right outside it. A wooden alcove like wall and white marble join hands for a contrast look.

The smart and sleek kitchen

The kitchen is a modern space with an open scheme of things. This room has a neat cream and chrome finish. The wooden floor makes way for a warm look, while the kitchen table with its colourful chairs offer a fun take on style. The chrome appliances stand in one corner as the television entertains the chef. A grey streamlined chimney with a sleek black flat range below is a modern addition to the kitchen. Shining kettles in chrome sit on the cook top, while clever lighting casts a glow on the surroundings.

Red, white and brown in the bedroom

A comfortable yet robust colour scheme dominates the bedroom. Here too, nature makes its presence felt with a geometrical glass cocoon holding a layer of pebbles within. The red wall has a row of lights above for a dramatic effect, while the white and brown scheme takes over the bedding and smart looking headboard. The black lamps on either side have been suspended from the wall, and provide a dose of the classic. The overall effect is one of luxury and style.

The robust looking den

The study and den has a play of various textures in wood, even as the monochrome look makes an appearance in this space. While the furniture and many accessories are in black and white, the wooden floor extends into a panel above the table with lighting for an alcove like effect. The doors are meanwhile set in smart wooden panels for a modern look. The leather sit-out is a unique addition to this area.

Luxury in every corner of the bathroom

The bathroom is a statement in luxurious design. The curved wall has niches for shelves whose fluidic design makes for a truly designer look. The contoured shelves have recessed lighting in every row for a golden light to ensconce each item placed on them. A potted plant stands tall while the white bathtub sits in a cream coloured cocoon of stone to one side. The niche above the bathtub is a convenient one that can be used for arranging bath essentials.

This home has a vivid design scheme that brings in the modern, the eclectic and the playful for a look that is visually appealing. Comfort, functionality and modishness have all been given equal importance, so that the inhabitants can work, play or relax with the same abandon! Here is another home tour to inspire you further - A Small and Lovely City Home—Living life à La mode.

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