The Most Amazing Small Apartment You Will Ever See!

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ЖК "Престиж", Лаборатория Дизайна Лаборатория Дизайна Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
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JK Prestige promises to be one of the most sought after addresses in town, with its designer touches and lavish decor elements. This apartment by Design Laboratory, interior architects in St Petersburg, is a vision in soft, sophisticated beauty. The various highlights come in the form of designer elements that go from modern to classic in a muted manner, to keep a slightly eclectic vibe running through the home. From lighting to colours and even the furniture, it is evident that a lot of thought has gone into the rendering of this abode. Neutral shades rule the residence, with sudden pops of vibrant hues breaking the monotony of an austere palette now and then. Luxury and comfort goes hand in hand in JK Prestige. Take the tour to know more!

Stunning dining room

The dining room is a subtle play of soft and soothing colours. The grey cabinets neatly line one side while a wall panel in pink holds open shelves. The solid wooden dining table makes a mark as it sits comfortably on the retro patterned floor, while white chairs sit around it, waiting for dinner to be served. Soft drapes swish around elegantly with the breeze, while gorgeous lighting casts a pretty glow over the proceedings.

An arresting foyer

The foyer is an arrestingly stunning space that combines impressive lighting with spiffy design. The layered look is the first thing that greets you once you walk into this space. From the pillars standing against the wall, to the two decorative panels standing on either side of the high-backed lavender chair, the foyer presents a variety of elements that come forth in a balanced design play. The floor exhibits a symmetrical retro pattern in classic black and white. All in all, this space demands your attention and captures it successfully.

Subtle does it in the living room

The living room brings in a subtle colour palette and textures that blend in with the same. A simple cylindrical lamp houses a few baubles and hangs in lieu of a chandelier from the top, while a slim, modern take on the classic fireplace sits to one side. The fireplace sports a mirror above it, and two stone grey panels on either side. White chairs in muted teal upholstery accompany a round table in front of the fireplace. The pillars on the side herald the entrance to the living room, which is a space done up with modern looking white leather couches and a coffee table straight out a futuristic design book. Framed artworks line the wall above the couch to create an artsy touch.

A cheerful breakfast nook

A sleek and stylish countertop sits opposite the dining table, where a quick breakfast or a casual drink can be enjoyed. Modern high stools and a large and vibrant wall art add dollops of fun to this chic breakfast nook. A trio of fancy but minimalistic pendant lights provide ample illumination over this space in the evenings. 

A truly designer kitchen

The kitchen is straight out of a Barbie movie with its dark bubble gum colours paving the way for some eclectic fun. Silver and a deep shade of pink reign here, as the pink cabinets sit pretty along one wall of the space. Recessed lighting makes a row on top, brightening up everything that comes in its way. A stylish L forms the open breakfast nook with its silvery white texture. The appliances match the pink and white hues with a gleaming chrome finish. The simple kitchen has a host of storage and cooking options to whip up a gourmet meal.

The soothing den and study

The den and study are done up entirely in cream and white, with pops of colour dotting the scenery every now and then. The sofas, chairs and even the desk and modern looking swivel chair make this space a soothing one. The intricately engraved artwork behind the couch and the wide tiles on the wall are in the same cream hue, and are visual delights. The drapes and lamps are contemporary but elegant touches.

This home brings in a subtle yet playful scheme that has myriad elements contributing to a designer balance. The colours and flourishes make for lots of aesthetic appeal, even as the interiors come alive with innovative lighting. For more ideas, check out another home tour - A Modern Home with a Captivating Spirit.

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