10 crockery unit designs that can completely transform a dining room

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Crockery units can be classified as furniture pieces that elevate the aesthetics and ambience of a home with their style and elegance. These units are used to store cutlery and glassware as well as fragile curios and collectables, making them an indispensable part of Indian homes. While space might be a concern when considering them for a dining room, the sheer number of shapes and sizes that they come in makes it easy to find one that fits in the available space. Interior designers and decorators consider a good crockery unit as one that is not only functional but also an aesthetic element in the area. When choosing a design, it is essential to pick one that complements the existing furniture and decor, thereby elevating the overall look of the room.

1. Floating crockery unit

Best Interior Design, De Panache De Panache Modern dining room Glass White
De Panache

Best Interior Design

De Panache

A crockery unit doesn't necessarily need to occupy the entire stretch of the wall. A floating crockery unit is fuss-free, unique and simple. While it might not align with the traditional design style, the floating unit has a distinctive style that makes it ideal for housing crockery and glassware in contemporary homes. With ingenious subtle lighting, it can transform the look of the dining room.

2. Enclosed crockery unit

Prestige Ferns Residency 2 Harlur Road Bangalore, De Panache De Panache Modern dining room Wood Beige
De Panache

Prestige Ferns Residency 2 Harlur Road Bangalore

De Panache

An enclosed crockery unit is an excellent option for a dining room that abides with all things classic. Simple white furniture with moulding on the doors make for a minimalist unit that is best complemented by a wooden dining table. The lighting chosen for the room serves as an excellent means of decor as it accentuates the overall look of the dining room.

3. Customized crockery unit

Luxury Dinning Room Fabmodula Modern dining room

Luxury Dinning Room


A customized crockery unit is an excellent solution for making the storage blend into an existing design. It enables one to decide on the number and type of divisions, such as shelves, drawers and casings, and the style of the unit. It also opens up several options when it comes to designing the exterior surface of the unit in terms of the material, finish, handles and colours.

4. Contemporary crockery unit

Dining Area Wash Basin TD Studio Classic style dining room Copper/Bronze/Brass Brown washbasin,diningroom
TD Studio

Dining Area Wash Basin

TD Studio

A contemporary crockery unit design helps to maximize space without compromising on the aesthetics. Making use of a single rectangular frame helps to accommodate all the chinaware and cutlery. If there isn't enough shelf space, hooks can be added to each shelf for suspending the crockery.

5. Sideboard unit

Interior at Sankeshwar, Karnataka, A B Design Studio A B Design Studio Modern dining room
A B Design Studio

Interior at Sankeshwar, Karnataka

A B Design Studio

Sideboards have a unique style that steps away from the line of being predictable. Rather than a standalone unit that occupies the entirety of the wall, the design can follow a jagged path with open as well as closed cabinets adding unique charm. Using the right lighting can accentuate the unit, allowing it to transform into the wall decoration for the room.

6. Open shelved crockery unit

Minimalism goes a long way as can be seen in open shelved crockery units. A modest design such as a wood back panel with planks creating shelves that reduce in length from top to bottom can make a stylish statement. Pairing the crockery unit with a wood dining table sets a well-coordinated look in the dining room.

7. Freestanding crockery unit

Dining Room De Panache Modern dining room
De Panache

Dining Room

De Panache

Freestanding units can be used for storage as well as a room or space divider between the dining and living room. A design that uses a combination of open and closed shelving in addition to a small sideboard built into the design is perfect. The base can be used for crockery and the open shelves for display – all in all, a holistic unit!

8. Built-in crockery unit

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern dining room

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan


Built-in crockery units are ideal for corners or any unused space in the house. They can be designed to have glass as well as wooden casings or shutters to add a unique touch to the area. Some designs make use of a middle section as an open space for placing items such as crockery or even a showpiece.

9. Disjoint crockery unit

Independent Villa - Pune DECOR DREAMS Modern dining room

Independent Villa—Pune


This unit makes use of the open shelf design with the slight modification of having closed cabinets in a diagonal arrangement. The shutters open from the bottom to the top instead of from left to right. The modest design also features an open side panel for flaunting the crockery collection.

10. Crisscross crockery unit

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U and I Designs

Crockery cum Bar Unit

U and I Designs

A simple crockery unit can transform into an interesting one just by adding colour and pattern to the exterior. Here, the eclectic crockery cum bar unit is styled in a deep blue tone with contrasting white panels. The diamond-shaped mirrors in the back panelling, as well as crystal knob handles, lend it a distinctive style. The crisscross diamond shape carries through to shutters, adding a unique dimension to the unit.

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