Unbeatable Tips for Your Tiny Bathroom

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BACKSTAGE Mirror / Storage unit HORM.IT BathroomMedicine cabinets
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Whether you're planning a new house or refurbishing your older one, you must take time out to design your bathroom in style. This is one area of your home where easy and frequent renovation is difficult for a variety of reasons. The health and hygiene of your interior atmosphere depend on how well you have planned for your bathroom.

Designing a small space could be challenging but not impossible. This applies for all areas of your home including your bathroom. A sprawling bathroom is a rare luxury nowadays that is enjoyed by very few in cities like Singapore. Moreover, a typical family home can and often does have more than one bathroom. Not all of them could be equally spacious. But, to create a welcoming home, you must design each of them functionally and elegantly. 

So why not strive to transform your tiny bathroom into a place for relaxation? See some of our tips that are bound to help you!

Open up the space with a mirror

A stylish mirror increases the beauty of your bathroom. But, more importantly, it creates an illusion of space which is on the short side in this case. See how effectively Piratininga Arquitetos Associados used a clever combination of a large mirror and glossy surfaces to build a charming bathroom.

You can use unframed mirrors like this one or a stylishly framed one. Instead of one large mirror, you can also opt for a couple of smaller ones. Mirrors with LED lighting or backlit LED panels are very popular now. To pick the right mirrors for your home see our post here.

Careful colour scheme

Choice of colours can make or mar your bathroom ambience. Choose a colour scheme that soothes and relaxes your mind instead of unduly exciting it. It may be safe to go for subtle colours for a clean and understated look, but there is no harm in choosing bold colours or even dark ones as long as you know how to create a harmonious-looking interior using those shades.

If you have chosen shades like midnight blue, charcoal or ebony tones, select fittings in a complementary colour. When using monotone, vary the texture between walls, ceiling, flooring and fabrics. This adds an element of surprise to any space. Also, light up the interior properly to prevent building a gloomy and unappealing bathroom.

A compact, wall-hung sink

Townhouse Bathroom homify Modern bathroom Beige

Townhouse Bathroom


This is very suitable for small bathrooms. It saves space and gives your bathroom a neat and clutter free look. It is common to automatically opt for sinks made of porcelain, vitreous china or fireclay. But why not think of bringing home something different? A glass sink looks chic and seems to be custom created for tiny bathroom spaces. 

Brass and copper sinks, once very common in classically designed homes, add an element of drama. Stone, concrete or cast iron are heavy and are best avoided for wall hung sinks. Make appropriate use of the space that you have just managed to save. Instead of traditional storage units place small cane or bamboo baskets or hide your trash can underneath the sink.

Hidden storage

BACKSTAGE Mirror / Storage unit HORM.IT BathroomMedicine cabinets

BACKSTAGE Mirror / Storage unit


Build a small medicine cabinet behind the mirror. You can store your toiletries and hand towels there. This will add storage space without consuming valuable space in your tiny bathroom. You will easily be able to organise your small things. They will also lie hidden behind the shiny façade of your trendy mirror.

Minimal faucets

Landcroft Road - East Dulwich Oakman Classic style bathroom

Landcroft Road—East Dulwich


This is another way of creating a functional and well organised space. If you are not retrofitting faucets, then choose the sink and faucet together. Otherwise, ensure your faucet is compatible with your existing sink. You will find a variety of styles and configurations to choose from. You can select a centreset design that comes with handle and spout together or a widespread one where the handle comes separately from the spout.

Brass or plastic faucets with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) or chrome finishes can be chosen based on their aesthetic value. Opt for designs that are easy to clean and maintain. You can buy faucets that are touch-sensitive or have a hands-free mode of operation.

Indoor plants for a natural focal point

This is the easiest way of cheering up a small space. Grow moisture-absorbing plants like tillandsia, peace lily or reed palm. They will keep the interior damp-free and hygienic. Many fern species like Nephrolepis, Polystichum munitum and Adiantum thrive in a moist atmosphere. With their colourful presence, indoor orchids like Phalaenopsis, Doritaenopsis and Dendrobium can transform any space. Fresh flowers like jasmine, gladioli, daffodil and tuberose can also have a charming effect in the atmosphere of your tiny bathroom.

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