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Cool Ideas for a Herb Garden Indoors or on the Balcony!

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We all enjoy the freshness and vibrancy of growing plants indoors. They can provide a wonderful way of linking the outdoors with the indoors. What is even better is when these indoor plants have a secondary purpose. Growing herbs in your home, on a windowsill or on the balcony, is a wonderful way to bring not only brightness, but also a wonderful smell into your home.  Herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme and Mint can bring a wonderful scent into any space that you grow them. When you grow herbs you can also make amazing meals to wow your family and friends. There is nothing better than preparing a wonderful home cooked meal with fresh herbs from your garden. The best thing is that herbs are very easy to grow, they need very little maintenance and require very little space.  homify has found some wonderfully creative places to grow your herbs.

A Hanging Garden on the balcony

A hanging garden is a wonderful way to grow herbs on the balcony, it not only saves valuable space, but also provides a wonderful area of interest. There are several types of hanging gardens that you can have on your balcony. They type you choose will depend on the  number of herbs you wish to grow, and the space you have available. If you are restricted by the amount of space you have, then a vertical hanging garden is the best choice. If you have more space, and a good amount of light, then a multi-level horizontal garden will be good for you. For a vertical garden start by finding an anchor point on the ceiling. From this point use wire or rope to hang each herb, one directly underneath the other.  For a horizontal garden, use the same method, but use a separate anchor point for each herb. These should be hung, in a horizontal line, at different heights to allow maximum sunlight for each herb.

Mason Jar Garden

Mason jars were once used primarily for storing home made preserves. Invented by a gentleman named John Landis Mason in the late 19th century, they have become popular for myriad uses in recent times. One of these purposes has been to grow herbs. As these jars do not have drainage holes in the bottom, be sure to use a layer of stones for the excess water to drain. After you place the herbs in the jars you can display these in a variety of ways; sit them on a window sill to be sure of a good amount of sunshine, attach to a backboard and hand on a sunny wall, or hang them from the ceiling for a more dramatic look. Try growing Cilantro and Mint in mason jars.

A Big Pot on the Balcony

Sometimes the best way to grow herbs is in one great big pot on a balcony or terrace. This is a great option when you have a large space, but only a limited amount of sunlight. Choose a pot that has a wider brim and a narrow base, this will provide extra space for more herbs. When there are many herbs in one large pot, you can make full advantage of companion planting. What exactly is companion planting? Companion planting is the growing of particular herbs close to one another for the benefits they provide one another. Herbs are one kind of plant that benefits from companion planting. Consider planting Basil next to Oregano or Peppers, Chives grow well with Dill and Sage grows very well with Rosemary.

On a Ladder

A simple ladder provides a wonderful space saving way of growing herbs. If you have a traditional old timber ladder, this can also bring a rustic element to your garden. Even if you don’t have an old timber ladder, you can always make your own faux ladder herb garden. Start by measuring the area you wish to place the garden ladder; this will dictate the width you will be able to make it. Next make the individual beds this width, these will be steps.  When these are done, make the sides of the ladder. Be sure to cut these on an angle on the top and the bottom in order for it to lean against a wall. The angle you cut them will depend on the angle you will rest it against the wall.

In Tea Cups

Tea cups come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They can be as small, delicate and quaint as well as large, bold and bright. They provide a wonderful way to hold a tea party, but can also be a great way to grow your herbs. To bring an element of colour and surprise into your herb garden, consider planting your herbs in tea cups. If your favourite tea cup has been retired due to an accident or breakage, you may want to stick it back together with a drainage hole included. This will be better for your herbs. If you have in tact tea cups, be sure to include some stones in the bottom of the cup for drainage.  Grow smaller herbs such as Basil, Parsley and Chives in these unique containers.

In a Shoe Organizer

In our busy modern lives we often collect many more possessions than we need. This includes clothes and shoes. This can sometimes cause problems when we are trying to organise our possessions. Although these excess possessions may come in handy if we use them for alternative purposes. Consider using your shoe organizer as a vertical herb garden. This is a great way to grow a large number of herbs in a small space. Start by attaching your shoe organizer to a wall, fence or gate. It is then a matter of placing the herbs into the pockets. Be sure to include a handful of good quality potting mix to ensure they grow healthy. Herbs are tough plants and tend to grow surprisingly well in small areas such as these pockets of fabric.

Old Tins Tea Tins

In days gone by, and in some rare places around the world, tea was sold in attractive tins. Teas produced by famous producers such as Twinings and Tetley often produced colourful tins, often commemorating events. These can be a wonderful container for growing your herbs. Consider collecting a range of old tea tins to grow your herbs. These can be found in antique stores for very little money. Start by using a nail to make small drainage holes in the bottom of each tin. Next fill the tin with a good quality potting mix and place the herb in the top. Place your collection of herbs in a row of classic tea tins in a prominent place such as a sunny windowsill or on a back table on the terrace. Include these in an industrial style home for a truly retro look.

Hanging Planter

For many of us in small homes, we may have a lovely sunny spot that would be ideal to grow herbs. This spot may however be in a busy area, like a walkway or a kitchen. In these areas it would not be practical to put a table for herbs. In these situations, a hanging wall planter would be ideal. These hanging wall planters consist of a shelf or rack where individual herb pots can either sit or hang from.  These pots are usually made from coloured tin. This makes quite a statement a modern home. Consider including pots in a colour that compliments or contrasts the colours in the room. For a complete change, consider using a rainbow of coloured plant pots.

Having plants in our home is a wonderful way of creating a calm and peaceful environment. It is also a very practical way of improving our cooking by introducing fresh herbs. Consider growing herbs in your home, on a balcony or on the terrace. Growing herbs is a lot simpler and easier than you think. Simple herbs such as Basil, Rosemary, Mint and Thyme can be grown in very small containers in any sunny spot around the home. Consider growing herbs in mason jars to create an eye-catching display, or hang them in containers in your kitchen, grow them in tea tins, shoe organisers or in delicate tea cups, the possibilities are endless. Herbs are a wonderful way to bring a freshness and vibrance to your home. For more inspiration see The Secret to Growing Aromatic Herbs Indoors.

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