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6 interactive bedroom designs for your kid

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Kids possess excessive energy naturally and need a medium to use that excitement. Most children love playing in the great outdoors but with the dawn of technology, many are holed up inside their bedrooms playing with their PSP or Xbox. They enjoy activities that require strenuous amounts of energy. 

These bedrooms are designed to be interactive and keep your child occupied. They incorporate various kinds of activities within the walls of the bedroom to entertain your child. Browse through these ideas and give your kid the best bedroom they have ever seen.

Hole in the wall

Designed in shades of white and beige, this bedroom introduces splashes of vivid colour to match your child's personality. The bedroom features two circular holes on the wall with deep red cushioning around it. These wall holes give your kid his personal space if he wants to do his homework or play a game on his gaming device.

School at home

If you homeschool your child, this bedroom is the perfect way to contribute to their development. The bedroom is crafted with a plethora of vibrant colours, enhancing the decor of the room. One part of the bedroom features a chalkboard, allowing your child to be creative and draw on the walls without ruining them. A mini jungle gym occupies another part of the bedroom. This gives your child a chance to burn their energy in the comfort of their home.

A jungle room

Inspired by the jungle, this bedroom transports your child into the Jungle Book. Fashioned with shades of green and blue, this bedroom brings nature into the home. The bedroom features a mini jungle gym to indulge your child in activities. It also features colour coordinated furniture to blend with the decor of the room.

Browse through Srujan Interiors for more ideas.

Child's paradise

Designed with attractive shades, this bedroom is going to be your child's favourite place in your home. The bedroom features a climbing frame beside the bed. It also includes hand pulls on the side, giving your child the feel of Tarzan. The room is crafted with a mini table to do homework.

A royal palace

This bedroom is equivalent to a royal palace for your kid. Featuring a personalised jungle gym, this bedroom is perfect for kids with lots of energy. You can conduct play dates in your home with this beautiful bedroom. With the jungle gym designed in multiple colours, the room is interactive and is sure to keep your child occupied.

Heaven on earth

If your child loves the sky, this bedroom is perfect for them. With subtle clouds gracing the ceiling, this bedroom gives your kid a chance to look at the sky in the comfort of the room. The bedroom also features a wall climbing frame for your kid to release their energy.

For more ideas about decorating your child's bedroom, visit the decorating your child's bedroom guide.

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