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A Rustic Villa With A Contemporary Touch!

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Colonial style hotels by Tectónico Colonial
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There’s a misconception that rustic design is antiquated and draws its influence from a less style-savvy era. With the growing passion for modern and contemporary styles, rustic design is no longer recognized as a style worthy of incorporating into a décor. But rustic style emphasizes free-form shapes, natural materials, and the art of repurposing. Rustic style is welcoming because their derive their warmth from the sense of history and simplicity seen in the décor. The delightfully warm tones of rustic style transport you to the Spanish villas on cobbled streets or to the log cabin in the woods.

Today on homify 360 we tour Hotel Meson De Santa Rosa, the brainchild of Tectonico, an architectural firm in Queretaro, Mexico. The rough edges of rustic style visually appealing and the contrasting tones of the décor evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia. A throwback to the olden times, the rustic style of this hotel is a good reminder of the beauty of everything old!

The pool area

We begin our tour in the swimming pool area of the hotel. Intricately designed windows of the hotel face the swimming pool area, giving an excellent view from the bed. The rectangular pool is flanked by wooden deck chairs, lounges, and vibrant sun shades in a peach. Embellished with foliage of various types, the natural element added further accentuates the rustic style of  the swimming pool area.

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Pattern explosion

The restaurant area of the hotel plays with an array of textures, patterns, and colors to create something distinctive. Bold wallpapers, wall shelves filled to the brim with knick-knacks and décor accessories, and wooden furnishing define the style of the restaurant. An overwhelming but visually pleasing décor, this restaurant is sure to keep you occupied for the rest of your meal!

Contrasts and more

The seating area, which is parallel to the restaurant, flaunts its rustic style in a repurposed fashion. Various types of seating options in different textures and colors dominate the space. An uneven wooden coffee table sits atop the patterned flooring of this space. An intricately designed fireplace faces the seating area, providing warmth on cold nights.

Bedroom 1

The wooden paneled ceiling and flooring in the bedroom contrast beautifully with the stark white walls, creating a gorgeous two-tone effect. A four-poster bed with cabinets on each side is placed in the center of the room. A seating area with an intricately designed arch window is designed on the other side of the room. Tall planters, grey seating options, and vibrant embellishments give this space a stylish appeal!

Bedroom 2

The wooden paneled ceiling and flooring is seen in the décor of the second bedroom too. With stark white shades gracing the walls, the contrast lends a beautiful look to the interiors of the bedroom. This space is furnished with two large beds and features a vibrant seating area with various seating options and colorful embellishments.

A rustic getaway, this hotel is sure to overwhelm you with feelings of nostalgia. For more creative ideas, check out this Stunning Residential Apartment In Surat, India.

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