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A Stunning Home With An Eclectic Twist!

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Evviva Bertolini Tropical style living room
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Eclectic style, unlike modern or contemporary, reshuffles the rule book of design and architecture. The style is known for mixing the old with the new, highlighting the element of contrast. Appealing to your personal tastes, eclectic style encourages you to fill the space with objects you love or knick-knacks that strike your fancy! The secret to perfecting eclectic style is curation; combining contrast and chaos to create a style that reflects your personality. When done well, eclectic décor flaunts your personal style while still adhering to the fundamentals of good design. The other trick to eclectic design is methodical mismatching and finding common ground between two contrasting elements.

Today on homify 360 we explore the interiors of this chic loft designed by Evviva Bertolini, a designer based in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil. With a gorgeous sea facing view, the designer has styled this loft with an eclectic twist. Contrasting elements, various textures, and bold colors give this loft its own distinct style. A touch of luxury covers the décor and interiors of the loft, making the space reminiscent of a Hollywood home. Despite the space constraint in the loft, the designer has furnished the rooms without making it look cluttered. So let’s explore these beautiful interiors, shall we?

A room of contrast

The living room of the loft is encompassed with the combination of various elements from different styles. A dark black sofa set sits underneath an array of paintings and is embellished with printed and solid colored cushions. The center of the living room flaunts a glass coffee table with beautiful silver spherical stands. Modern arm chairs are placed across the coffee table, providing more seating space in the living room.

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A place with a view

We begin our home tour in the seating area of the loft. Paneled glass windows face an incredible view of the sea, giving the space a sense of serenity. The designer has furnished the space with uniquely formed chairs and abstract printed coffee tables in neutral shades. A beautiful wall painting graces the beige exposed brick wall and is highlighted with tiny yellow lights.

A Dining space for 4

Simple, sophisticated and oozing with style, this compact dining room is the perfect place to have quiet dinners with your family or friends. The designer has furnished the space with a glass 4-seater dining table that’s flanked with four two-tone dining chairs. Placed besides the darker themed kitchen, this space defines the meaning of ying and yang.

A place of relaxation

The bedroom in the loft is separated from the living room with a gorgeous tinted glass panel. The neutral color palette flows effortlessly into the décor of the bedroom. An array of paintings grace the wall above the headboard, giving the space an artistic feel. A white cabinet faces the bed, giving space for those essentials and knick-knacks.

Unwind and relax

We come to an end of this home tour in the final room of this loft – the bathroom. This glass covered space is furnished with a gorgeous bathtub and single vanity set. The walk-in glass shower flaunts a TV on its exterior, giving this bathroom an ultramodern style.

This compact loft is designed efficiently to accommodate all the rooms but also incorporating oodles of style into the design. If you enjoyed this home tour, have a look at this Bangalore Villa Oozing With Sophistication And Style.

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