How to create indoor recreation spaces for kids

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When one needs to work from home, wouldn’t it be nice if kids had a separate play area for themselves? That way, they would not trouble the rest of the household with their fistfights, crying spells and general commotion. While some homes are large enough to create a spacious nursery or playroom for kids, not all city dwellers have the good fortune of designating a separate area for the kids to play indoors. Most parents devise creative ideas to keep kids busy during holidays either in the yard within boundary walls of their garden or a quiet corner in the house.

Usually, parts of the bedroom, corridor, balcony or dining area are designated as play zones for the children with a makeshift tent or furniture that they can use for playing board games or dreaming up make-believe scenarios to keep themselves busy. For parents looking for ideas, these creative solutions from our experts can help to keep kids occupied during extended holidays or school breaks.

1. Play area under the stairs

Creating a play area under the stairs is the most straightforward idea of them all if the house lacks empty corridors or balconies. Cordon off the area with shelves or colourful wooden blocks to create a cosy play area where the kids can stock all their toys, books or other things. Additional accessories such as a large rug or carpet can also be used to define the space. Stick up posters of cartoon characters and add dropdown lamps under the staircase, so the region is well lit and feels cosy enough for the little ones.

2. A tent in the nursery

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When the play zone is restricted to the kids’ bedroom, then the area can be divided into separate sections to ensure that playthings are not scattered all around the room. This room is an example, with a tent and a large blackboard on the wall that can be used for the parents to teach early alphabets and for the kids to do their artwork. The idea requires just a small section of a spacious bedroom, and a mix of neutral colours and bright tones can make it look attractive and fun.

3. Beside the staircase

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Son's Bedroom

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Play areas below stairways keep the kids out of harm’s way and also helps parents keep an eye on them. This charming play area is designed with a house-shaped frame. It has a private space for the child to rest and also ample room for games and fun activities.

4. Sharing is caring

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When kids have to share rooms, it’s essential to make it fun and exciting. Use a mixture of bright and neutral tones to create an inspirational play cum study area by using details like colourful rugs, wall stickers and pictures, to help them enjoy their time indoors. A palette of beige mixed with muted blues, violet, green and browns can elevate the look of the space.

5. Play area in the kids’ room

Colourful details on the walls, cupboards and window benches are ideal for the make-believe games that children love to play. Since the area is away from the sleep zone, it has ample space for board games and even a collapsible tent.

6. Adventurous bunk beds

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kids bedroom


Children love bunk beds as they enjoy the adventure of climbing up and down. Having neat shelves at the bottom can help to keep the room organised, besides providing space around the bed for hide and seek or other fun activities. Multiple lighting arrangements should be used in children’s rooms to distinguish it from other parts of the house. One can consult a lighting designer to make the play and study area well-illuminated.

7. Secluded secret space

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Kids Bedroom by Aikaa Designs

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The frame around the sleep zone can be used as a secret hiding area to store snacks, books and other little playthings that the kids can share. While playing group games with other children and playacting, the bed can be used as a stage while the place in front of it can be used for the audience to sit. Quite a versatile and entertaining area, isn’t it?

For ideas now on designing study areas do view this ideabook.

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