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Unique Kids Wardrobe Designs that are perfect for modern homes in India

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Minimalistic interiors for residence Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern living room
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For practical purposes, wardrobes for kids should be designed for the future with drawers and hanging spaces that can be altered as their storage needs change as they grow. When planning the design and layout of a kid’s wardrobe, the first consideration should be functionality followed by safety. In other words, it should be large and accommodate all the needs but also be child safe. The bedroom’s floor space, the number of people sharing the area as well as their ages also determine the design of the wardrobe.

If more than one kid is likely to use the wardrobe, then it’s best to opt for a closet with more than one door and as many racks as possible to store items such as clothes, accessories, toys and other extras. Custom-built wardrobes made by carpenters paired with ready-made storage baskets or shelves are an excellent option. Nowadays, an infinite variety is available for both custom-built and pre-designed wardrobes for kids. We have curated some of the best models to provide you with a source of inspiration.

1. Multifunctional storage

Kids room with wardrobe cum study design Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern living room
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

Kids room with wardrobe cum study design

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

Consider small storage spaces when designing closets for kids. Small drawers, cubby holes, pull out drawers and shelves make it easy for them to find things besides keeping the room neat. The storage close to the ceiling can be used to stack seasonal stuff or old toys and books, while clothing can be kept in small neat stacks within shallow drawers inside the cupboard. Open shelves in the study area make it easy to access and put away books.

2. Combination of interesting colors

Shriyans Apartment Pune - Mr Ashish DECOR DREAMS Modern nursery/kids room

Shriyans Apartment Pune—Mr Ashish


Bright, chirpy colours with quirky figures of animals or cartoons may seem the ideal choice for kids' wardrobes but ensure that you consult them before selecting the colour. Here, light yellow and blue make for a delightful combination with white while light fittings shaped like puffs of cloud add to the dreamy interiors of the bedroom. The mixed colour palette on the wardrobes can remain until children become adults. To give them space to unleash creativity, keep a chalkboard surface on the closet and let them scribble to their heart's content.

3. Accessible storage options

wardrobe design in the kids bedroom in beige and white lacquered material Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern style bedroom
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

wardrobe design in the kids bedroom in beige and white lacquered material

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

This wardrobe with sliding doors saves space, and the tiny alcove on the side can be used as a secret playpen or to keep large toys that don’t fit into the wardrobe. The loft storage can be used to store winter clothing and other essentials.

4. Increase storage with multiple options

Kid's bedroom designs Fabmodula Modern nursery/kids room

Kid's bedroom designs


When two kids share a room, they are likely to need ample storage space. Details such as engaging wall decals and quirky handles on the wardrobes will give them the incentive to keep the room neat. The mirror in the centre demarcates the storage area for each sibling, while floor to ceiling storage across an entire wall ensures enough storage space.

5. Colorful creation across the wall

Interior at Sankeshwar, Karnataka A B Design Studio Eclectic style bedroom
A B Design Studio

Interior at Sankeshwar, Karnataka

A B Design Studio

This beautiful in-wall wardrobe idea with sliding doors is creative and a space saver too. While the kids will love having their favourite cartoons on the wall, parents will be relieved at the vast storage space. The combination of large and small drawers along with open shelves can store all the children's essentials in a single place.

6. Scandinavian style

Kid's bedroom designs Fabmodula Modern style bedroom

Kid's bedroom designs


This off-white Scandinavian style wardrobe is ideal for a growing teenager with multiple storage needs. One section is designed as a dressing area while the pull-out doors have hooks within to store bags, belts and other accessories neatly.

7. Easy to reach levels

Independent Bungalow, RR Nagar - Mr. Mohan DECOR DREAMS Modern style bedroom

Independent Bungalow, RR Nagar—Mr. Mohan


Kids love adventure and to experiment and explore the world around them. So when planning multiple drawers for small objects within the wardrobe, consider keeping them at the bottom. The bunk bed here above the study table creates just the right atmosphere of secret space. Low-level drawers are another child-safe technique to ensure that the little ones are not likely to bang their heads against drawers accidentally left open. This large in-wall wardrobe in the kid's room can be used for years while the detachable bunk bed can be removed to create additional storage for shoes or books.

8. Multiple storage spaces

This unique storage system where the study area is kept away from the clothing, toys and other accessories will help kids become organised. The combination of small cubbies and shelves around the study area and walls adds ample storage and keeps the room tidy. The box style beds can be another storage area for off-season bedding while the large wardrobe along an entire wall takes care of toys and clothing.

9. Multiple storage options

Axis Aspire 2.5 BHK - Mr. Ramprasad DECOR DREAMS Modern nursery/kids room

Axis Aspire 2.5 BHK—Mr. Ramprasad


Organisation and keeping things in their proper places are generally a big challenge with kids as they tend to throw their toys, books and clothes all around the room. To avoid the chances of finding clothes in heaps within the wardrobe, insist on drawer organisers and multiple rods with hangers for arranging clothes and accessories. The best way to ensure that various clothing items are stacked neatly and to help kids enjoy organisation and classification is through innovative storage options.

10. Sleek, invisible design

KIDS BEDROOM Aikaa Designs Modern nursery/kids room
Aikaa Designs


Aikaa Designs

The almost invisible wardrobe unit features open racks and drawers with dividers along with pull-out racks stacked with baskets for small objects. The pale blue wardrobe doors and wallpaper with soft clouds add a magical touch. A cosy and welcoming look has been created in the bedroom with short shelves above the headboard for easy access to favourite toys.

For more options, here are some clever storage solutions for unruly kids' bedrooms.

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