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Join us on a tour of this charming riverside lodge in Istanbul to find some inspiration and discover interesting ideas for your home. This tour consists mostly of telling descriptions about the exteriors of the house. However, we will also take a sneak peek into the house to have a look at the interiors. The beautiful riverside lodge featured in today's tour is designed by Saytas Sabuncuoglu Yapi Ve Tic, home builders based in Izmir, Turkey. 

Certain themes are repeated throughout the house. For example organic curves and shapes are present in the exteriors of the house as well as the interiors.The rustic, natural look is also a theme used in the exteriors and interiors of this house. Overall, the riverside lodge has a cozy feel to it that feels natural and laid-back. Let's browse through the following pictures and descriptions to get a better feel of the house…

Curved exteriors

The curved exteriors take inspiration from Mediterranean architecture, and form the entrance to the lodge. An extended roof around the house creates a beautiful space outside the house to enjoy the garden under the shade, while the pillars or columns supporting the extended roof add a classic romantic touch to the architecture of the house. 

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A shady compound

A shady compound with lots of trees keeps the house cool, while the leaves carry the revitalizing breeze from the river nearby into the house. Patches of grassy lawn soften the concrete tiles used around the house, and provide a place for the garden to grow. The house is secured by a concrete wall with bamboo trimmings and plastered stones, which coordinates well with the natural feel of this beautiful riverside lodge. 

Wood paneled ceiling

As we enter the house, we are greeted by a cozy space with a rustic touch. The wood paneled ceiling creates a striking contrast with the white walls and floor. It makes the ceiling seem lower, creating a cozy space with a natural feel. The curved shape of the ceiling enhances the organic feel of the space. 

An accent wall with natural stone cladding enhances the rustic feel of the space, while glass sliding doors on either side provide an expansive view of the beautiful garden outside and allows the cool river breeze to flow through the house. 

Water feature border

A modern water feature creates a border between the patio and the garden, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere in the garden. There's just something about the sound of water falling and flowing that creates a serene, relaxing environment. 

Also, since the lodge is located near the river, it makes sense to have a water feature in the house. On a hot day, it could be a splashing pool for children or a pond to dip your feet into. Although, the water feature is in no way extravagant, it completes the house and gives it a sense of cohesiveness. 

Natural stone cladding on the wall

Here we get to have a closer look at the patio that goes around the house. The natural stone cladding on the wall gives the space a rough edge with its shades of earthy browns, while the curved wood paneled ceiling enhances the rustic coziness of the house. 

The flooring is composed of smooth tiles in different shades of grey, giving the exteriors a modern polished look to balance the rustic natural look. A concrete garden bed holds pretty ornamental plants, filling up some of the empty space on the patio. 

Pillar bases plastered with stones

It's the small little details that make a house a soulful home, and the designers really put in an effort to demonstrate the statement above. We can see the careful consideration put into the design in the pillar bases plastered with stones, enhancing the natural, rustic look of the home. 

Garden pathway

Pictured here, we see some simple slabs of stones set on the grassy lawn to form a garden pathway. This type of garden pathway coordinates well with the overall rustic theme of the house. In this part of the house, we see a lot of straight lines as opposed to the organic curves we observed at the entrance. 

We have now come to the end of our tour. We hope you've enjoyed yourselves as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at how to take care of tricky home textiles

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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