Six essential components of modern Indian interior design

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Every country has it's own vibe and culture which sets it apart from others. But India is home to a host of vibrant cultures. Thus, in a land of such varied colours and charisma, interior decor can't be just a cut paste from any other part of the world. If you are decorating your home in India, it must reflect something of your roots, something that makes it more personal and relatable to your surroundings. There are many things that you can do to lend your home a distinct Indian charm. Here 6 essential components that we think you must include in your modern Indian interior design style. 

Add a touch of spirituality

Most Indians have a strong sense of faith. So if you are one of them, add a touch of spirituality to your home through a spiritual representation in some of the rooms. Be it pictures and photographs, or sculptures and busts, or even a backlit lamination on the wall add something that represents your beliefs. This puja space designed by Ansari and Associates, is a perfect example of how representing of your faith or spirituality in your home elegantly can make it look more beautiful.

Less is more

MODERN GREEK THEMED BUNGALOW SCHEME,KHANDALA, AIS Designs AIS Designs Mediterranean style living room Furniture,Property,Plant,Couch,Horse,Window,Houseplant,Architecture,Comfort,Lighting
AIS Designs


AIS Designs

While big homes and lots of ornate furniture was the norm of days gone by, the mantra for a modern Indian home is 'less is more'. You don't have to become completely minimalistic in your style, just opt for less furniture, thereby less clutter and more free open space. Un-cluttering a room and doing away with unnecessary objects can make your room look more spacious, as well as more pleasing to the eye, like this living room here designed by AIS DESIGNS from Mumbai. Compact furniture and innovative lighting will further help further enhance the look of your home.

One or two colours

While colours are the heart and soul of India, don't go crazy with them in your home! Unless you want your home to look like the aftermath of a Holi celebration, stick to one or two colours in every room. Also, keep in mind that the colours in a room should always be complementary, like the pink and purple hues of this room here, or the orange and yellow tones of this room. Don't mix and match jarring colours like lime green and royal blue, or yellow and pink, and always tone things down with a healthy doze of a neutral colours like white, cream, black or grey.

Find unique items

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entrance area


Adding some unique curios and items to your home, particularly one's which reflect your travels around India, or one's which are from your home state, can lend a more authentic Indian beauty to your home. Be it a metal bust of your favourite deity, or a stone statue of Nandi (Lord Shiva's mount and gatekeeper) like here, or ornately carved metal lamps from various parts of India, there are many unique Indian things that you can display in your home to give it an authentic Indian vibe.

Roll with the rustic

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Living Room


Rustic earthy fabrics and textiles are another hallmark of India, so go for rustic textiles in your home. Roll out a rough woven rug or 'dari' like here in your living room, or hang woven wall features like elephant heads made of jute, or just opt for rustic woven blinds for the windows. There are many things available in the market, choose something for your home that fits both your budget, and your taste. If nothing else, add some bright colourful cushions made of rustic fabrics like cotton and wool to give your home a Desi feel.

Modern furniture

Bedroom homify Bedroom



Finally, while adding classic Indian touches to your home is a great idea to make it look more pretty, do opt for sensible modern furniture to make your home a perfect balance of Desi swag and functionality. Be it leather chairs and a leather bed like in this room here, or a glass coffee table and a mirror front cabinet, opt for practical furniture with modern textures so that your home is up to date with modern trends and conveniences. If you have some heirlooms you want to integrate with the contemporary furniture in your home, here are 6 ideas that will help you do so!

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