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Fantastic Home and Office Lighting Ideas from Designers in Delhi

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No matter how beautifully furnished or contemporarily designed a house is, everything can fall flat if the lighting is not right. Light fixtures need to be both stylish and practical. They should be worth the money invested in them and should highlight the positive features of a room. Whether it's for a residential or commercial project, trendy and correctly-positioned lights can take the overall look of a place to a whole new level. The best part is that a wide variety of lighting options is available these days, ranging from wall sconces and pendant lights to cove lights, chandeliers, and backlights. So, read on to get brilliant lighting ideas from the interior designers and decorators at Design Essentials, in Delhi. 

A lavish touch

An intricately patterned brass lamp makes this foyer a stunning space, by throwing a unique shadow on the wall behind it. Beige and cream hues add to the classy vibe, while wooden surfaces lend warmth. Note how small circular lights have been embedded on the ceiling for additional illumination.

Chic meeting room

A simple yet trendy pendant lamp casts a cheerful glow over the colourful furniture in this meeting area. The stylish wall in the background has the image of a world map that catches the eye, thanks to numerous squares of light on the ceiling that keep the room bright. 

Dreamy haven

This spacious and fashionable bedroom stands out with the help of the stunning purple and golden cove lighting on the ceiling. A couple of stylish and globular pendant lights on either side of the bed add to the drama. 

Sensible combination

Bright white cove lighting on the ceiling accompanied by circular embedded lights ensures functionality in this modern bedroom. The bedside lamp is simple, elegant and casts a dreamy golden glow. But, what steals the show is the collage of wooden shelves above the bed, which has small embedded lights focusing on every piece of memorabilia. 

Artistry meets lighting

This contemporary living room is a soothing affair in cream and wood. And, we love how the designer TV unit livens up the place, thanks to the intricate stencil with golden backlighting. To make the ambience more practical when necessary, cove lighting as well as square embedded lights, adorn the ceiling. 

Smart lobby

Apart from white cove lighting on the ceiling, this office lobby boasts of concealed lighting behind the tall TV unit. The effect is trendy and soothing on the eyes. Plus, the backlighting enhances the design of the TV panel nicely. Don’t miss the semicircular sconce lights under the paintings, which do an excellent job of highlighting the colours. 

Stylish kitchen lighting

Wide strips of cove lighting as well as square, embedded lights, are featured in the ceiling of this chic kitchen. They ensure that the whole place looks bright and inviting. Plus, it is practical as it provides ample light for carrying out chores. The golden glow from the lights inside the shelves adds to the attraction, as it makes finding things easy and lends visual appeal. 

Creative ideas

In this bedroom, sleek steel bars with backlighting adorn the grey feature wall on the right. They can be switched on at night if the inhabitant is not too keen about complete darkness. The fancy false ceiling boasts of a smart mix of rectangular and circular light panels, which make the ambience bright and comfortable.

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