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Wall decals, which were earlier considered to be apt for children’s rooms, are now trendy and can be used for every room of the house. Maybe it’s because of the fun and playful element they add to an otherwise ordinary or monotonous wall. The best part about wall decals is that they can be changed easily according to the season or the trends, and they can be installed at a reasonable cost. With plenty of design options available and their simplicity of use, wall decals have gained popularity among interior designers and decorators, and homeowners when it comes to decorating the wall on a budget. The wall decals featured here from WallMantra can be ordered online from the comfort of one’s home, adding to their convenience. 

A touch of the outdoors

The wall decal with a silhouette of a bird flying away from its cage and the rest of its flock resting on the branches of the tree bring in life and lively energy into the room. The design comes in several colour options to suit the base colour of the place where it will be installed. Choosing a colour which complements or contrasts the shade of the wall can instantly transform the wall.

A faux view

A green branch hanging from above with a cage hooked on it and birds flying away from it; this wall decal design is complemented by the green potted plant on the floor. It creates the feeling of having an indoor garden in the home, but of course, it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Decorating through writing on the wall

Go philosophical through the writing on the wall and highlight the message or the path that you want to follow. This wall art will be a constant reminder of the essence of life in a creative way. You can buy what’s available in stock or customise the typeface of the quote to create eternal harmony in the room with a bit of personalisation.

A beautiful peacock to greet guests

This wall decal has the image of a beautiful and elegant peacock. The look of the entrance wall gets a boost with its presence and the glass hands strategically placed on the table just below it, which creates an illusion of the hands holding the peacock, enhances the look. What a beautiful impression it will make on guests!

A personal touch with family photographs on the wall decal

There’s nothing like photographs to add a personal touch to the walls and to freeze happy memories or precious moments in the lives of the residents. This wall decal is perfect for it with photographs hanging down from the string tied to the tree at one end, while the other end is held in the beak of a flying bird.  The placement of the family photographs at different heights adds to the uniqueness of the wall decoration.  

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