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Here’s How to Give Your Living Room a Classic Gothic Touch!

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Does the term “gothic” make you visualise Count Dracula’s castle and a scary atmosphere? Then let us assure you that “gothic” is not just for vampires! You can welcome it home for your interior decor needs, and that too in the living room! It may interest you to know that Victorian Gothic is an architectural style which was originally found in early 1740s. It was all about intricate designs, heavy rich furnishing, ornate furniture and a stately ambiance. But many modern homeowners today, wish to incorporate gothic interior characteristics in their abodes for an unusual and stunning impact.

For instance, you can infuse your current living room with gothic style by introducing rich and dark hues. A gothic inspired living room doesn’t have to be black always; instead you can select other intense colours, like dark coral, ruby red, emerald green, dark blue or rich chocolate. Keep your focus on magnificent visual opulence while adorning a gothic living room. Bring in rich fabrics, colours and texture for a classic look and feel. Dark ornamental wallpapers, sturdy oak furniture, lush carpeting, fabrics in silk or velvet, are among the other decorative accents you can embrace. Include dazzling chandeliers and smart lighting to elevate the style quotient of your gothic living space without compromising its distinct style.

So set the right tone with modern gothic interior style by staying away from the typecast of a haunted mansion. Read on to find out more!

Choose a large room and opt for dark colours

The gothic interior decor is all about elegance and drama. This unique style is ultimately about making a rich statement. So for lavish interiors, embrace high-end furniture, flamboyant top-quality fabrics and plenty of other decorative accents. While trying to create a modern Gothic living room, pay attention to the intrinsic taste and the fine styling options for flooring and ceiling that is reminiscent of that century. For example, this gothic inspired Parisian living space has been almost completely done up in black for a breathtaking effect. The walls, ceiling, furniture and even the plush rug on the hardwood floor are all in black. Coupled with an exotic chandelier, this room is a true gothic statement created by Dzhemesyuk & Yurov Design, interior architects from Kiev.

In reality, if you think that the drama is too much for you, then simply add a small sample of this dramatic style. Just go for gothic elements, such as, bold colours, smart chandeliers, etc. For a traditional gothic style, even consider wallpaper with vibrant textures and patterns of brocade or damask. Also opt for flocked wallpaper with velvety texture. A bold flocked pattern with intense colours like, deep burgundy, black, or gold will certainly add a splash of gothic to your home. Or easily paint the room with an appropriate paint for a convenient solution.

Hang chandeliers for a luxurious aura

Chandeliers are epitomes of grandeur that can obviously be the finest addition to an overall gothic interior. So, spend some quality time while hunting for the most appealing chandeliers. Try and consider all the factors, like hues, designs and shapes while choosing gothic chandeliers. Some finest chandelier pieces include, extra large gothic twenty-candle tiered chandeliers in aluminium, and painted with antique brass finish. A standard gothic chandelier contains trifolds, quatrefoils, and crockets. Just put it up on the ceiling and watch the times gone by come alive with resplendence!

Add gothic touches with old candlesticks and quirky statuettes

The whole drama of a modern gothic home greatly depends on the choice of accessories. Victorian gothic homes are always adorned with ornate accessories. When shopping for these for your home, search for awe-inspiring pieces that are crafted from metal, heavy wrought-iron, stone, or wood. For instance, you can select stuffs like wrought-iron lamps, carved wooden statues, and pottery bowls. These are fantastic items that can be displayed on any tables or shelves.  

There are certain specific statement pieces if you are looking for a complete Victorian-Gothic makeover in any space. They are lavish stone statues, heavy carpets and colossal wrought-iron chandeliers. When you shop for these special items, look into all the possibilities — a small garden store can offer some exceptional stone statues for your home. Exciting candle sticks, such as wood-carved candlesticks are the ideal way of lighting up your home. These conventional candlesticks complete the divinely inspired look you are trying to achieve.

Opt for velvet or silk fabrics

Choose textiles or upholstery fabrics that are striking, classy and opulent, and match the richness of your wall coverings. Add the right ambiance with silk or velvet draperies to create an exclusive style statement to your home. While searching for the apt fabric, try and consider satin, velvet and silk in bold and dark colours, textures and patterns. Velvet is the top choice for curtains or upholstery. Satin can be the best option for curtains, bedding and pillows as well. Both velvet and satin textiles will effectively add up to the absolute glamour of your gothic-inspired home. Introducing decorative tapestries in the home can also become a major part of this style. Have you ever imagined a huge antique tapestry hanging from a high wall? It can be both amazing and act as a grand element in your abode.

Hang long curtains that pool on the floor

There are various drapery styles available for a gothic style home. It can either be long curtains or layered ones over the windows and doorway curtains. While selecting your draperies, consider using long or heavy curtains for all your windows, and ensure that they pool gently on the floor for a flowing appearance. These draperies can also be festooned with tassels, fringes and tiebacks. Such embellishments can add more glamour to your decor.

Pick ornate antique furniture

Victorian Gothic furniture is usually made of sturdy oak, adorned with vintage design. Especially, the chairs, cabinetry and headboards completed with heavy fabrics and majestic colours are visually enchanting. Include premium furniture pieces in your gothic living room to make an opulent and aristocratic statement. You may add flowers, candles and a couple of indoor plants to lend a hint of freshness if you want.

Now that you know the ins and outs of gothic-style decoration, get ready to give your living area a facelift which will impress both your friends and family. Here is another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing - Turn your home from shabby to chic with some cool tricks.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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