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The outdoors: things you need for the best time of your life!

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No matter how beautiful your house is inside, having a private outdoor area to relax and unwind is like icing on the cake. The backyard, frontyard and rooftop can be a great opportunity to create a nice open sitout area, dining space or garden patch. Rooftops often come last when planning to decorate outdoor spaces. As home owners we often under estimate the terrace. It is probably the biggest otdoor area! You can transform your outdoors or rooftop into an amazing place where you can spend time in solitude or with family. Well designed and done up rooftops are a good place to entertain guests and host parties too. With bigger rooftop areas you can do it all; set up comfortable seating and dining spaces, have a rooftop garden and create cozy little corners for a comfortable place to read in peace and enjoy your morning tea.

This handy ideabook will help you ensure you do not miss anything to make your outdoors the best it can be.


Pergolas are a beautiful garden or rooftop feature that can add a cozy yet charming look to your space. The shaded effect created by the combination of vertical posts, cross-beams and a lattice like pattern at the top transform your rooftop into an elegant place to relax. You can add more charm to your pergola by getting creeper plants with beautiful flowers to spread around the top and the vertical pillars. Bougainvillea and other such vines with bright colored flowers are your best choice if you want to add life to your rooftop and make it your favorite spot in your house. Pergolas work especially well for a tropical country like India that has long summer season!

If you are a plant lover, you can also setup an indoor garden in one part of your rooftop—doing it around your pergola would be a good idea too!

Full dining set

Stock up a dining set, complete with cutlery, crockery, table linen and table accessories for a perfect dining experience on your rooftop. Once you have done that you will love to host your friends for rooftop breakfast, lunch and dinner parties, and your friends would love to be called over too. Opt for good quality porcelain or chip and break-resistant glassware to ensure they look good and last longer. 

Outdoor living room

Bringing the outside in seems to be every interior decorators mantra these days. But have you ever considered getting the inside out! Imagine having an outdoor living room, right up on your rooftop. You are sure to experience a one of a kind, unique experience in your rooftop living room. It would be a good idea to opt for sofa sets that are easy to maintain as they would need periodic cleaning, given that it is placed outdoors. Team it up with a few plants to create an ever fresh outdoor living room.

Combine seating and dining

If you are lucky to have a big enough rooftop, it would be best to include both a sitting area and a dining area up there. Every extra seat is a bonus, when it comes to rooftop parties. Select comfortable chairs both for your dining set and sofa set. You could even throw in some bean bags or large floor cushions for extra seating options. What is most important is that they should be comfortable and at the same time complement the overall theme you have chosen for your rooftop decor.

Spot for an afternoon read

Rooftops can be transformed into cozy reading corners for the book lover in you. A swing with comfortable seating or a divan with cozy cushions can make the perfect seating arrangement for curling up with your favorite book on a lazy afternoon. You can soak in some sun as you read your favorite books. You can even place some plants around for a perfectly pleasant reading experience.

Grill and minifridge

For a complete rooftop dining experience, it would be great if you can setup a grill, barbecue, mini fridge and bar. With all these in place you can host perfect parties for family and friends. With your own fully equipped rooftop dining space, eating out or buying takeaways will soon become a thing of the past. You can enjoy restaurant style cuisine right on your own rooftop. You can find more ideas here on setting up perfect grills and tandoors at home.

With all the above things taken care of, you are sure to enjoy this new founded 'additional' hangout place in your home. You can be proud of your rooftop and flaunt it when you get the chance to. So go right ahead, take stock of your rooftop and bring it to its full potential. These ideas for doing up your courtyard may also come in handy when you want to beautify your outdoors.

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