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How to get a rough and ready industrial kitchen!

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If you love the idea of having an industrial style kitchen, but don't know where to get started, some of the inspiring ideas featured here might help you get the ball rolling. Many people these days are shrugging off the polished look in favour of something a little more rough, raw, and edgy. The industrial style celebrates distressed finishes and exposed frameworks rather than hiding it behind plaster and paint. 

The industrial style will give your kitchen the grungy urban look that is surging in popularity these days. We hope you will be inspired to try some of the tips here to get the rough and ready industrial style kitchen you've been dreaming about. Let's browse through these ideas together shall we? 

Add industrial style furniture

Adding industrial style furniture to your kitchen is a simple way of creating the desired look. Pictured here, we see an industrial style stool which would be perfect for the kitchen. You can find some good bargains in flea markets and from furniture-specific secondhand forum sites. Of course, you can also browse through industrial style furniture here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration.

Include an exposed brick wall

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork Country style kitchen by Humphrey Munson Country
Humphrey Munson

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork

Humphrey Munson

One of the typical designs for an industrial style kitchen is an exposed brick wall. This gives it the raw urban look that is ever so popular now. You can make the exposed brick wall the accent wall in your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have brick beneath your plaster and paint, you can simply take it off to expose the brickwork beneath. If not, you can remove the layer of plaster and then apply a brick veneer, or even put a layer of bricks in over the studs. Then, you can either use the natural color of the bricks or paint them to match the color scheme you want for your kitchen. 

The chic industrial style kitchen pictured here is designed by Humphrey Munson, kitchen planners based in Felsted, England. 

Add a vintage kitchen island

The typical kitchen island features a countertop of tile, granite or marble, with wooden cabinetry below. To give your kitchen more of an industrial feel, add a vintage kitchen island like the one pictured here. The reclaimed carpenter's table pictured here adds character to an industrial design kitchen. 

 If you prefer, you can put in a stainless steel top or concrete for the kitchen countertops, and have exposed metal shelving instead of cabinets. Steel and concrete work well for the industrial design look. 

Concrete flooring

Simone Lemon Modern kitchen by Concrete LCDA Modern Concrete
Concrete LCDA

Simone Lemon

Concrete LCDA

Concrete flooring is definitely a signature trademark of the industrial design style. There are two ways to go about concrete flooring. It can either be left in the natural state, giving it a more industrial look, or be coloured and designed for a more eclectic look. 

Although concrete can be more expensive than other materials, it is an excellent material for flooring as it’s durable and provides excellent insulation, while looking chic and urban at the same time. 

Include exposed beams, pipes, or roof structure

The industrial design style mimics the factory look in many ways. In a real factory, you don't usually see a finished ceiling. Instead, you would see exposed beams, pipes, and the raw roof structure. To mimic this look, remove the finished ceiling in your kitchen so that the structure overhead is exposed. If your framework isn’t really worth showing, you can have new ones installed, or you can refinish it.

Choose factory-style pendant lighting

Last but not least, choose factory-style pendant lighting that is fitting to your kitchen. Pictured here, we see industrial style pendant lamps in a metallic bronze colour. Have a look at pictures of old factories to get more ideas for industrial style light fixtures. 

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and ideas, have a look at turn your boring ceiling into something magical

Which industrial style kitchen idea do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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