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Recklinghausen is an old town in Germany that is known for its historic buildings and monuments. Walking along its streets that retain many of its old structures, one feels as if he or she is walking back in time. Homes in Recklinghausen are often individual ones set in a community, and are called semi-detached houses.

Today, we will take a look at one such semi-detached family house called Anbau an eine Doppelhaushälfte und Sanierung eines EFH von 1952 in Recklinghausen. Originally built in 1952, the residence has been redeveloped to suit the requirements of a modern family. Puschmann Architektur is the architectural firm whose brilliant ideas went into the revamping of this urban beauty. Remodelled houses such as these are slowly being welcomed into the urban landscape of Recklinghausen.

The street view facade

The redeveloped 1952 home stands out on the street for its clean architectural style. The façade exudes a sense of practicality, clean cut lines and well utilized space. The grey and white building opens out onto the street with an imposing frontage. Ample car parking space with a garage is available on the paved side of the house front, while the house itself overlooks the lush lawn. Though the house can be viewed from the street, the sloping roof suggests more private spaces behind.

Terrace with a view

This redeveloped house is one whose people love the outdoors. Natural light  floods all sides of the house with a touch of green everywhere. While the frontage has a lawn, this private terrace garden offers a space for the family to bond over a barbeque or a warm afternoon lunch. Deck chairs and a sunfilled patio make this rock garden a family favourite.

Fun in the sun—Explore the garden

A closer look at the terrace garden reveals sufficient space on all sides. While the lawn looks inviting, the deck makes you conjure images of sumptious lunch parties in the open. The space is modelled so that the family can get together with friends and relatives often, and pets and children can frolick in sheer joy on the lush lawns.

The getaway is not far—Summer House

Summers in Germany are a time when people head outdoors. This summer house is part of the redeveloped 1952 home, and is set in the lawns outside the main house. Built in the same functional grey and white style as the main building, this Summer House is the place where you would want to lounge around with a book in hand. Make your own little collection of books, or store your garden tools here. Head out with a hat and enjoy the bounties of nature, but not far from the comfort of your own home!

Powered by the sun

The redeveloped house has been made not just in a contemporary style, but it also functions in the most energy efficient manner. The sloping roof holds a lot of value; solar panels set on the roof supply energy to  power the house, while skylights let in ample sunlight during the day. An outlet to the roof ensures maintenance of these equipement.

Celebrating the outdoors – The patio

The practical patio at the back of the house has a spacious wooden deck overlooking the lawn. A row of sliding glass doors open onto the patio from the living room inside, letting the sun stream into the house. Lounge in the comfort of chequered deck chairs, with a book and a cool drink in hand, and enjoy the privilege of being one with nature.

As our tour ends, it feels hard to believe that this contemporary looking home was built in 1952. The remodelling has been done keeping in mind optimum utlization of available space, and focus has been given to bringing the natural elements inside. While the green lawns cool the eye, the sun lights up the house in a natual manner. Powering the house on solar panels only adds to its practicality, and makes it a shining example of rewritten history. Here’s another home tour to inspire you - An Indian home exploding with style!

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