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The House of Contemporary Eclecticism

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These days a lot of contemporary design and construction is homogeneous; run-of-the-mill styled dwellings to satisfy the unending need and desire for new residences and large modern homes. Unfortunately, this leads to a lack of imagination throughout many of the property designs, and a subsequent glut of mirror-image abodes that lack originality or uniqueness. 

It is for this reason that when we here at homify see something authentically fresh and innovative we cannot wait to share it! Today's project is no exception. Designed by the architectural team at Hangul House Inc, this Korean home is a feast for the eyes and the senses. Boasting an 803 square metre plot, the dwelling has been planned in conjunction with the surrounding landscape, to maximise the harmony and secluded ambience of this country locale. 

Bursting with personality and replete with modern flair, this house is sophisticated, stylish and intriguing. If you would like to take a tour inside, check out the gorgeous images below!

An eye-catching façade

Graceful yet modern and filled with a sense of individuality, the façade of the home is neat and tidy with an impressive aura. Warm and inviting, the exterior of this home features many different textures and tones to create a bold and attention-grabbing house. 

Voluminous in its size, the large dwelling shows timber-clad pieces that have been coordinated with steel cladding, and a range of rendered grey walls. 

Outside, the garden is minimal with stepping stones to meander around the terrace, and a bench style table and chairs, which would be perfect for hosting events and gatherings. 

The welcoming entrance

Walking inside the home we are filled with a sense of warmth. The front door opens into a small hallway with a set of drawers to keep the entrance space clean. Perfectly fitted underneath the stairway, this is a good example of how the architects have maximised space and taken advantage of every centimetre within the residence. 

From this vantage we can also see the timber staircase which is white with medium-hue timber steps. These have been contrasted with a grey wall colour, and a dark black iron balustrade, which form a fabulous combination together. 

The unique living room and kitchen

Next up, we head into the most popular room of the house: the kitchen. The kitchen is a hub for most homes and therefore needs to include certain fittings and fixtures to ensure it is comfortable and able to endure the heavy flow of foot traffic. 

In this room we see a low-maintenance high gloss tiled floor that adds an element of luxury and opulence. The furniture and interior design is eclectic, with plenty of different modern features that look interesting and intriguing. The lighting is ample, with roof lights adding abundant natural light to the space. 

Heading upstairs…

Heading up to the second floor of the home, the iron and timber staircase impart a bold impression and statement upon the space. The colour scheme is earthy and vivacious with a grey feature wall, bright white surrounding walls, and dark black doors. 

Sensible and aesthetically pleasing, the corridor also features an open sink area, practically added for those who utilise the toilet adjacent.  

An ideal co-working space

One of the nicest and most pleasing elements within this home design is the way the architects have managed the floorplan. The layout has been maximised, with every small nook and corner offering a practical function. This room is no exception. Ideally situated in a space that is fairly quiet, the upstairs working space includes a long console style desk with multiple chairs for collaborative work or personal study. 

The colour scheme and furniture choices are neutral, with individuality and flair. A frosted glass panel with black framing adds another dimension to the space, allowing character and charisma within the space. 

A large and luxurious double bedroom

Making the most of the striking views beyond, this bedroom is nestled cosily on the second floor of the house. The furniture is modern and welcoming, eliciting feelings of comfort and warmth. 

A relaxed atmosphere helps this room feel utterly indulgent and it is easy to imagine spending a few hours of shut-eye simply laying on the bed and taking a nap. Large glazed sliding doors help to bring a huge volume of natural light into the room, as well as offer entrance to the terrace, which is ideal for planting a small garden or creating a hidden oasis. 

On a starry night

As we take one final view of this home at night, the illuminated LED lights affixed to certain areas of the dwelling look almost like stars in the night sky. During the evening this house comes alive and offers a true sense of homeliness and warmth. Cube-like in its shape and form, the structure of the property is typical, with eclectic embellishments that help it to feel unbelievably hospitable and cosy. 

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this intriguing, unique contemporary property in Korea! If you would like to see another, or simply gain a little more interior inspiration, check out A real-life hobbit house in South Korea.

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