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Desain interior Bedroom, viku viku Modern style bedroom Wood Blue
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One of the challenges of designing modern homes is the limited square footage available for storage, which is felt most in small bedrooms where lack of space leads to haphazard organisation and clutter. Often bedrooms in large city apartments are too cramped for accommodating twin beds let alone cupboards or shelves.

For homeowners looking for space-saving solutions for bedrooms, these creative storage ideas created by experienced carpenters and interior decorators are designed for improving storage capacity. Our experts have developed innovative solutions with space saving furniture for taking maximum advantage of the available floor space to ensure that bedrooms look modern, comfortable and luxurious.

1. All in one storage

A floor-to-ceiling rectangular storage system design is the best option to increase bedroom storage when floor space is limited. This design makes efficient use of corners and organises practically everything due to the combination of multi-sized shelves, drawers and closed cabinets. The front and side drawers provide a combination of square and rectangular storage spaces to increase the functionality of the wardrobe.

2. Master bedroom with built-in or fixed beds

The old concept of buying beds to accommodate the space available in a bedroom has now given way to custom-made built-in beds that are designed with storage underneath for bed linen or seasonal clothing. This kind of bed is best suited for rooms where floor space is limited as it adds visual depth. Built-in beds can also have side tables built into the wall for providing easy access to objects.

3. A book lover's paradise

Desain interior Bedroom, viku viku Modern style bedroom Wood Blue

Bedroom furniture that multitasks as a storage unit is the best kind of customised furniture to build. Besides items like foldable beds or tables that drop down from the wall, there are various kinds of multi-functional smart storage furniture available nowadays. If there is no space to accommodate books, stack them in the cute storage below the bed, within reach for reading when you are unable to sleep.

4. Study and sleeping area in one

Whether the little ones need privacy or the room lacks space, all-in-one children’s bedroom furniture that includes a pullout study table and loft beds for two is the perfect solution. The practical use of vertical space frees up floor area for playtime and school art projects, allowing the kids to use the floor to spread their chart papers, colours and other stationery.

5. Extra beds and sliding panels

For rectangular spaces like this one, use space-saver storage ideas that include floor to ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors. Doors that slide sideways do not occupy excess floor space and can be easily used by children. Such wall to wall storage spaces can be custom-fitted into the available area to store everything that the kids may require as they grow without having to worry about creating extra storage.

6. Internal Organisation

This modern bedroom has a hydraulic storage bed and built-in cupboard with open niches for keeping objects usually stacked on nightstands. It works well for optimising storage in a square room. The layout creates the appearance of spaciousness, making it a perfect place to relax even though it is a small bedroom.

7. Bed with storage and a built-in dressing room

In a single-room tenement, this is a fantastic storage idea that is ideal for people who want everything within easy reach as well as a private area for dressing. Smart storage ideas that can accommodate clothes, books, shoes, entertainment region and also a work area all into one are hard to come by. The best part about this design is the room below the bed that lets the occupants stash things away from public eye, besides benefiting from the privacy of a covered dressing area, especially when guests are over. Did you notice that the bed on top stacked neatly out of view? Now, that's our idea of functional and space-saving bedroom furniture!

8. Sleeping quarters in the loft

Space comes at a premium in a studio apartment.  That’s what makes this unit perfect! It is set against the wall, freeing up floor space in the room. The wardrobe below the bed has ample storage for one person, while the open shelves can be used to stack other essentials or to display accessories. A ladder leads up to the bed at the top.

If you are looking for more space-saving storage ideas, find tips on optimising space in a small bedroom.

Which of these space-saving furniture designs did you like the best? Leave us a comment.

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