Your bed can be better! Simple tricks to beautify your sleeping area

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Interior decor depends so much on the home owner's personal taste and style. Every person is unique and so is every house and every room. By adding little touches, one can create a completely new ambiance. Take for instance, the bed. If you own one that's made to order or got a readymade one from the store, there is so much more scope to personalize and make it one of a kind. Quite simply, your bed can be better! Playing around with colors, textures, fabrics and accessories, you can beautify the sleeping area in many ways. What's more, you don't really have to invest in a brand new bed each time you want to change the look of the room. Invest in these simple and thoughful ideas, coming straight from experienced interior decorators. So go ahead and create your very own sleeping heaven.

Hang interesting lights around the headboard

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Side lamps/ lights are very useful for reading before sleeping and for easy access to light in the middle of the night. It also helps that they look wonderful in the overall bedroom scheme. So look out for interesting and unique lights around the headboard. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one, so select carefully so that it serves the purpose of both design and function.

Build a bookshelf around the headboard

If you are a book lover, build a bookshelf around the headboard or just have the bookshelf as an extension of the headboard itself. Beautifully arranged books in perfect shelves can add such character to the bedroom. While it makes the reading material easy to access, it also acts as a nice spot to read in leisure right there. For the bookworms, there's always a space crunch to store their precious book collection and a huge bookshelf like this one that covers the entire wall can be such a great addition to the decor.

Hers's and ideabook that you'll live that shows you other ways of incorporating bookshelves in the bedroom.

Stack up giant pillows

When thinking of super comfortable cozy and luxurious beds to sleep on, images of giant pillows that you can sink in, conjure up. Create your dream sleep area by adding huge pillows along with regular ones so you can lay back, relax and unwind. Kids always love pillows to jump on so if you are co-sleeping, they would certainly appreciate this latest addition. However be careful not to overstock when there are babies around as there can always be risk of soffocation. 

Opt for many layers of vintage/unusual blankets and throws

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Vintage is classic and timeless. Add the vintage touch to your bedding by opting for several layers of blankets and throws. Think ethnic, traditional or one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your bed look stately and beautiful. Another option is quirky blankets/ throws/ comforters that are so in vogue these days. Have a look at these bright chirpy bedspreads from Fatfatiya Design and you'll know what we are talking about.

Learn how to do tightly tucked hotel corners

Ever wondered why hotel beds are so inviting? Apart from many other factors, it's the neatly done up bed. Bed sheet, bedding, bedcover and runner, all tucked in immaculately from all corners. There's no crease no folds, just a well kept orderly bed that you want to get into immediately. Learn how they do the tightly tucked hotel corners and you have a similar spot right in your home. 

Cover the bed with a mosquite net or drapes, like a four poster bed

India is a tropical country and it is not uncommon to see people using mosquito nets over their beds as mosquito menace is prevalent in most parts of the country. But this may not always be dreary looking. You can certainly pretty it up by installing sturdy and preferably matching posts and cover the entire area in a dreamy pink colored net. If not a mosquito net, use light drapes and you have your very own grand bed to sleep on and enjoy. 

Isn't it amazing that there is so much that can be added on to a simple bed and turn it from regular to something so special and personal? Whatever be your vice, books, vintage stuff or a desire to make everything neat and tidy, pour the ideas out in the bedroom and you have your unique private space to indulge in. Go on and try these simple tricks and beautyfy your sleeping area. We bet you wont regret it!

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