Stylish Modern Interiors for a Home in Thane, Mumbai

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Interior Design of Mr.Kharpude's Residence , Neha Dharkar Neha Dharkar Modern living room Beige
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Modern interiors are quite attractive as they tend to define the look of a home quite well. Further, contemporary designs work well in apartments and houses that are on the smaller side. This gorgeous and simple home features some classic colours and designs. Yet, it gives off a look that is quite charming, elegant and modern. For instance, the architects of the design company Neha Dharkar have chosen to use classic wood panels all along the ceiling to project a luxurious and sophisticated look. However, the design of the sofa is modern and contemporary in style, providing contrast and yet combining to create a well-coordinated image.

Stylish and Sleek

Warm welcoming Living Room Neha Dharkar Modern living room Beige
Neha Dharkar

Warm welcoming Living Room

Neha Dharkar

Here, we see a beautiful combination of colours, textures, and elements. Wood has been used effectively to balance the modern features in the room. The dark colour offsets the simplicity of the cream tones. The wall art is simple yet attractive. The hanging lamps add a sense of charm and drama. All of this is contrasted by the minimalist glass tables in the centre and corner.

Beautiful Look

Highlighting element in the Living room Neha Dharkar Modern living room Beige
Neha Dharkar

Highlighting element in the Living room

Neha Dharkar

The long panels of wood stretch from the floor and extend across the ceiling, creating a unique and charming look. The hanging lamps throw light on the intricate and beautiful mirror frames that have been installed on the walls. The faux-leather for the sofa contrasts the texture and grain of the wood excellently.

Dramatic Design

Storage and display unit with space saving study table Neha Dharkar Modern living room Beige
Neha Dharkar

Storage and display unit with space saving study table

Neha Dharkar

This room is perfect as a dining room that doubles up as a work area. One of the walls has been designed to be the focal point. The MDF board features a design that adds texture to the room. The lights behind the wall add a lovely glow to the area. The rustic and simple wood table provides functionality to the room. The other wall has been equipped with a cabinet at the bottom, which can be used for storage according to the homeowner’s needs. Similarly, the alcoves above work as perfect display shelves. They have been lined with wood to accentuate the beauty of the design. Additional closed storage is provided in between the niche shelves.

Contemporary Design

Master Bedroom Neha Dharkar Modern style bedroom Beige
Neha Dharkar

Master Bedroom

Neha Dharkar

While most bedrooms look similar, this one features a distinctive style. What is most attractive is the intricate pattern on the walls. The box-like design hides the light fixtures, and when switched on, the room is filled with a beautiful glow. The furnishings have been kept stark and white to ensure that they suit the theme of the design. It adds to the elegance of the bedroom. The designers have chosen an abstract and bold artwork for the wall to provide contrast to the neutral tones. The chocolate brown headboard adds a charming touch.

Green Splendour

Landscaped Balcony Neha Dharkar Balcony Wood effect Plant,Property,Flowerpot,Houseplant,Window,Wood,Building,Interior design,Architecture,House
Neha Dharkar

Landscaped Balcony

Neha Dharkar

Here, the balcony features a rustic and traditional look. The wood panels give it an earthy feel. Moreover, the slatted design makes it easy for the clients to mount planters. The burst of colour from the planters and the greenery make the balcony a perfect place to relax.

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