7 Magic DIY ideas to help you stay organised

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Whether you live in mansion or a compact two bedroom apartment, keeping things organized is always a challenge. We usually have more stuff than we need, and naturally clutter tends to get in our way! But an organized space not only looks better, it also boosts productivity and makes you more efficient. Above all, an organized home brings down everyone’s stress levels; when you know where the keys, wallet etc are, you won’t feel hassled trying to find them. And when you’re less anxious, your mind and body will automatically feel healthier. Thus organizing a home has a direct relationship with your mental and physical well being.

Organizing your abode can also save you money. Do you often end up buying multiple pens, creams, etc only because you can’t find them when you need them? But if everything had a designated place and stayed there, then this wouldn’t have happened. And here, we will particularly discuss organizational hacks which won’t be heavy on your pockets. Instead of expensive store bought storage systems, you can try out these DIY ideas for de-cluttering your home.

Make an entryway wall organizer

Organizing a home begins at its entrance. In Indian homes, shoes are always left in a bunch at the entrance of the house. If you don’t have the space for a shoe rack, set pallets against the entryway wall and assign each member of your family a pallet to keep their shoes in. Upholstering the top of these pallet boxes will make for a neat bench. Above this, install hooks on the wall to hold bags, scarves, hats etc. A silverware organizer can also be used to house keys, sunglasses and all those other small things you need when you step out of the house. Colourful box shelves can be installed on the wall for a cosy, inviting appeal too.

Make a pegboard shelving system

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Pegboards are an organizer’s delight. It can be used on its own or with shelves attached to it. A pegboard shelving system looks great, is simple to make and can be customized endlessly. You can use this in kitchens, bedrooms, study rooms, and just about anywhere in your house. For a DIY pegboard shelving system, you will need a sheet of ¾” thick plywood cut to the desired size, dowels, small pieces of plywood that will act as mini shelves, some basic stationary, and a drill. Begin by marking a grid on the ply with holes that are evenly spaced at about 5” from each other. Ensure that both horizontal and vertical lines are straight. Next, drill through the ply at each of these points. The holes should be big enough for the dowels to fit snugly. Lastly, place the dowels and rest the slim ply pieces over these dowels to create shelves.

Create a mobile charging station

Managing charging cords for mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc. is an important part of organizing a home. Charging stations which keep these cables out of sight can be made in a number of ways. An easy DIY exercise to create a mobile charging station is to drill a hole in the back of a drawer in your bedside table, and install an extension board inside the drawer. Alternately, cut out evenly spaced holes on one side of a cardboard box such as a shoe box and a single hole on the other side. Install an extension board inside this box with chargers connected to it. Let the ports come through the holes on the side of the box and the cables stay hidden inside it. It might interest you to know that this cool media rack was designed by Functionals, designers from Goirle.

Organize your bathroom

Bathrooms are generally small spaces, so organization is very important here. As far as possible, the countertop should be left empty with only the essentials arranged neatly on it. Bathroom storage can be created in myriad ways. Baskets hung from towel rods can be used to neatly store extra towels and shower accessories. Alternatively, you could mount the baskets directly on the wall with hooks. Empty wooden pallets can also be upcycled to create easy DIY bathrooms niches. Shoe organizers that hang behind a door can be used for efficiently storing cleaning supplies or hair dryers, brushes etc. A magnetic strip mounted beside the mirror above the bathroom counter can be used to organize hair pins, tweezers etc.

Kitchen ladle storage

Organizing cutlery is the most important step of keeping a kitchen clutter free. While spoons and forks can be fitted into drawers with cutlery organizers, ladles are a bigger issue. For a country styled kitchen, mounting a rake on the wall and hanging ladles from its spokes is a viable solution. A peg board can also be used to hang ladles. Glass jars can be recycled into ladle holders too for a homely touch. To make this arrangement look prettier, group these jars together on a tray or in a basket. If you are a little more adventurous, add hooks to a small piece of plywood and attach this to the lazy Susan hardware. Hang this upside down under a cabinet, and hang your ladles from the hooks.

Spare some thought for cosmetics storage

Whether you keep your cosmetics in the bathroom or have a dressing table in your bedroom, keeping cosmetics organized can help every woman save time while getting ready. An elegant cup and saucer or tiered cake stand is an interesting way to organize your cosmetics, while making the dressing table look pretty. Floral foam such as the one used to create flower arrangements can also be used to hold makeup brushes, lipsticks and other such cosmetics. To organize shallow containers such as blush, rouge, and eye shadows, cover a metal board with fabric and attach magnets to the back of each container. You can also use this DIY organization hack to organize hairpins! In the bathroom, opt for a mirror cabinet which comes with space behind it for arranging toothbrush, toothpaste, cosmetics and even medicines.

Craft a storage system for shoes

Shoe racks are expensive and usually not big enough to house all your family’s shoes. So instead of buying each member a shoe rack, how about a weekend DIY project to fabricate some homely but functional shoe racks? For example, when stacked horizontally, PVC pipes cut to a 1’ length are ideal shoe racks. The best part of this DIY organization hack is that it can be customized as per your requirements. If you have extra crown moulding left over, mount it on the wall a few inches above the floor to hang your shoes. Or if you have some wooden planks left over from another project, then cut them to the same size and fit them against a wall like open shelves. Voila! You have got yourself a minimalistic shoe storage system without spending a penny.

If you are looking for more innovative ideas to keep your home mess-free, then check out another ideabook - Tips to maximise space in your bathroom.

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