Colourful Modern Interiors for a Three-bedroom Home in Bangalore

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Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern living room
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From first glance,  this charming home has a distinct personality and vibrancy. Despite the use of multiple colours, there is a sense of balance in the interiors. Most people are hesitant to use colour around their home. However, picking the right colours and balancing bold tones with softer ones can achieve an amazing result. Working to the client’s brief, the interior designers and decorators of Decor Dreams in Bangalore have created an impressive and spectacular home that is modern, eclectic and elegant. 


Smaller homes present a challenge when it comes to designing the interiors optimally. However, with a little creativity, spaces can come alive. As we can see here, the designers have used a vibrant shade of blue to make the interiors stand out. The dining and the living room share space in the layout and they overlook an open kitchen. 

A Thematic Presentation

Sometimes, it is essential to stick to a theme to present a coordinated look. Here, the designers have used a single colour to tie everything together. The buffet table in the dining area features blue cabinets and has been beautifully coordinated with glass shutters. It prevents the design from becoming heavy and overpowering.

Open-style Kitchen

The vibrancy of the colour in the kitchen guarantees to prevent anyone from feeling ‘blue’! The designers have coordinated the colour efficiently, preventing it from looking tacky or overpowering. A tall pantry unit helps in better utilisation of the available space.

Glossy and Sleek

The glossy finish of the laminate contributes a modern and trendy look to the kitchen.  Contrasting cream coloured cabinets have been used above the counter to break the monotony. Bright toned accessories act as the perfect accents that add uniqueness to the design.

Unusual Design

It’s always a pleasure to walk into a room that is beautifully coordinated. The greens and the blues in the room combine to create a sense of charm and to boost the energy in the area. Incorporating a mirror within the wardrobe shutters is a fabulous space-saving idea as it limits the furniture used in the room, leaving it looking spacious and modern.

Colourful and Vibrant

It is rare to see such a lot of orange used in home décor. This room features a vibrant wallpaper with geometric patterns on one of the walls. Matching the colours from the pattern, the designers have added a wonderful dimension to the room. Orange cabinets and shelves frame the ledge that provides seating against the large bay window.

Perfect Children’s Room

The room exudes vibrant energy. The positivity and fun that the bold colours bring to the room make it ideal for a child’s bedroom. While orange is the dominant colour, the designers have toned it down with the use of softer contrasting tones to add a sense of balance in the colour palette.

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