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Create your own modern shelving system in 6 easy steps!

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Creating a few shelves made of wooden boards doesn't seem like a big deal right? After all it seems like an easy enough DIY job that you can do by yourself. But there are many things you have to keep in mind while making a shelving system, without which they can turn out crooked, shaky and worst of all may just break or collapse on someone! So if you want to stay safe, and still want to put up a modern shelving system of your own, follow our 6 easy steps.

Collect the materials

Just like cooking, prepping is just as important as the actual job of fixing the shelves. So first and foremost, collect the materials and keep them ready to use. And what are these materials? The simplest shelves to put up are wooden shelves, they are sturdy and also look beautiful. So keep at hand wooden boards, dowels, sand paper, drill, nails etc before you begin the task.

Hole placement

Next thing to figure out is where all will you drill holes. The best way to go about this is to plot out your hole placement and mark your holes with a pen on the board. If you want the shelves on a wall, hold up the boards along the wall and mark out the points where you want to attach it to the wall. Thus, you have to trace out two kinds of holes—the one's you need to attach the shelves to each other or a common panel, and the one' s you need to fix the shelves on the walls if you are going for wall hanging shelves.

Drill your holes

Next drill the holes. Be it on the wooden boards, or on the wall, go ahead and drill the holes on the spots you marked out earlier. While drilling the holes sand them with a sandpaper to get smooth even holes, which will then make it easier to fix and attach the shelves together. It might help to keep a soft cloth around to dust away the residue after sanding.

Cleaning the panels

You can't attach the panels together without cleaning and smoothening them. So clean the panels next with a sandpaper and then flip it over and clean the other side. Continue with this till you achieve a smooth enough surface that you feel is good enough for your shelving system. A properly sanded shelf can look as good as a store bought one, like the shelves here designed by DELICA.

Stick the dowels

Now that the boards are smooth and the holes have been drilled in the right places, it's time to attach the wooden boards to each other. For this use dowels. A dowel is a solid cylindrical rod usually made from wood, plastic, or metal. Stick the dowels where you need to connect the shelves, or cut them shorter and use them as pins if the holes are smaller. The dowels will help to reinforce joints and support the shelves.

Place the shelves

Finally, place the shelves. Be it on the wall with nails like here, or stacked together on a wooden frame that will fit in a corner of a room. If you want to experiment a bit, you can opt for round drum like wooden frames instead of simple shelves. These can be hung on the wall alone, or stacked together with dowels and nails like this. If you want to give a twist to some old drums, here are 6 ideas to use round drums as bookshelves.

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