10 best living room designs of 2019

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The living room showcases every home, giving guests an idea about the owners' sense of aesthetics and taste. A trendy living room should have the right mix of colour, light, furnishings and furniture to create a soothing ambience for entertaining guests. While pieces of expensive furniture, furnishings, wall art, lighting, television, and decorative pieces can enhance the attractiveness of the living room, it is necessary to keep it clutter-free too. Decor trends keep changing every year, and our most popular living rooms are perfect for all styles, whether it’s classic, industrial, modern, traditional or a little bit of everything. Do check out some of our readers' and experts’ favourite living room styles that were trendsetters in 2019.

1. Eclectic and stylish

All the elements in this light and stylish living room are designed to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere by combining comfortable furniture and layered lighting. Light-coloured sofas blend harmoniously with the dark-toned background while the beautiful chandelier above the seating area provides an attractive glow in the space. An eclectic living room can be created with a few anchor pieces such as sofas and a stylish coffee table with an area rug to pull together the design.

2. Style inspired by natural colors

The beauty of colours is magical and can create the illusion of space even in small living rooms. This living room is an enchanting combination of jewel-toned cushions against the background of a cream sofa, off white walls and lively adornments on the room divider. The neutral living room trend is a timeless favourite, as it allows the blend of laid-back comfort with a touch of exciting and colourful modern elements.

3. Monochrome simplicity

All the elements in this modern living room are designed to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere by combining comfortable furniture and layered lighting. A mixture of light-coloured upholstered wooden sofas harmonises with the background, highlighting the beauty of the light-toned floors. The rugged lighting arrangement centred above the coffee table adds an attractive glow to the space.

4. Unique style

Dark toned furniture against unusual wall backdrops is the trick employed in this charming living room design, adding grace and charm to its unique style. To create a lovely seating area, a combination of elements must work together in harmony. The room has a mixture of interesting elements and compelling colours which makes it unique.

5. Opulence never fails to impress

A surefire way to impress guests is to create an elegant living room by decorating it with plush furniture and luxurious decorative pieces. Here, the interior decorators have used a combination of lighting arrangements and sedate floating wall cabinets to give the room an air of cosy warmth after nightfall, which is dispelled in the morning when warm sunshine streams through the large windows. The understated elegance is what makes this living room special.

6. Touch of traditional grandeur

For fans of traditional Indian handicrafts and fabrics, investing in upholstered furniture with beautiful patterns, fabrics and accessories can make the living room look splendid. One can either choose to use unique and seductive shapes to strengthen the decorative style or opt for a unique colour palette with gold or silver to create contrasts with texture and colour. Every piece in this classic style living room has been carefully chosen to maintain consistency in the overall look.

7. The beauty of natural elements

This living room is all about organic style and natural elements with colourful accents in the form of cushions. Solid wood furniture contrasts beautifully with off-white walls and neutral curtains. For this decor trend, the designers have adopted woven pieces, patterned textures, a neutral colour palette, and plenty of greenery for creating harmony in the living space.  

8. A social place with focus accents

Focus accents can be in the form of living room furniture, abstract wall art, coffee table designs or lighting arrangement that add intrigue to the space. Unique art pieces on side tables can create a focal point in the living room or can be paired with a central piece on the coffee table. Stylish chairs, decorative ceiling lights, abstract wall paintings and geometric cushions mark this trend, which can make a formal living room appear warm.

9. Wallpaper is back

Wallpapers that had gone out of fashion in the '90s are now back and are being used to create accent walls, stylish backgrounds and many other features. They are available in bold patterns, subtle hues and textures to liven up or sober down the look of the living room. The silk-textured finish in this chic living room adds a luxurious touch to the space.

10. Get a swing in the living room

Start with any decor style you have in mind, and then, complement it by acquiring a wide and comfortable swing that looks like an extended piece of furniture in the living room. This designer living room with light-tone upholstered furniture, unusual accent wall and a striking ceiling is sure to win the admiration of guests.

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