6 ways you should give your home an oriental touch

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What is Orientalism? Orientalism is the depiction of Eastern or Oriental cultures, including Middle Eastern, East Asian and some North African cultures in architecture, furnishings and even the decorative arts. So how would using Orientalism in your home help you? Well, for starters Oriental style is distinctly different and will bring in variety and beauty to your home. But it will also add an element of exoticness to the otherwise dull mundaneness of a modern home. And you don't need to dig deep into your pockets to give your home an Oriental touch. Here are 6 simple ways you should give your home an Oriental makeover.

Turkish style furniture and rugs

You can bring in a modern Turkish spin to your home by opting for a mirror like the one here designed by ORIGAMI MOBILYA from Ankara. This exotic yet modern mirror combines the best of traditional Turkish design like multiple ornate mirrors and the quilted pouf, with modern materials like plastic and leather. You can opt for other turkish style furniture pieces like marble top tables, white wooden chairs with carved cabriole legs and the famous Turkish rugs!

Arabesque pottery and decor

The term Arabesque refers to artistic decorations on various objects and ornaments based on rhythmic linear patterns, that flourished in the Arab world as a part of their art. It has trickled down in modern homes as floral patterned pottery like here, or tiled wall ornaments with linear geometrical patterns, and many other such decorative items. If you want to bring in a touch of 'Arabian Nights' to your home, but don't want to indulge in the traditional Arabesque style, you can paint rustic blue archways and opt for a slender curved headboard like this in your bedroom.

Japanese cherry blossom prints

The cherry blossom tree is a hallmark of Japan. Thus cherry blossom prints bring in a Japanese touch to any place they are used. Be it a huge cherry blossom tree print on an entire wall in the bathroom like here, or smaller prints of cherry blossom flowers on a white cupboard or headboard of a bed in a girls room, these prints bring in not just Japanese, but a certain feminine beauty to any room where they are used.

Chinese Patterns

Just like certain prints have a Japanese vibe, certain patterns like the trees on the bathroom tiles here have a Chinese connection. These designs were originally developed through woodblock printing which is an ancient technique for printing text, images or patterns on textiles and paper. But nowadays these patterns are replicated on tiles, wallpapers and other ceramic surfaces through various techniques. No matter what the technique, patterns like these hark in the beauty of spring in China in any home.

Chinese style tin glazed pottery

Tin-glazed pottery refers to pottery covered in glaze containing tin oxide which gives the pottery a white, shiny and opaque look. However, Chinese tin glazed pottery is not just any pattern on such pottery, but specific things like dragons, monkeys, Chinese flora and fauna, and even homes and palaces with the quintessential Chinese two pointed roofs. These things etched in blue ink on glazed pottery will definitely bring in an Oriental feel to your dining experience. You can even opt for a Chinese tea set with huge bowl like tea cups for an Oriental style tea party.

Egyptian ornaments




Prints of ancient Egyptian people and Gods on papyrus scrolls is a hallmark of Oriental Egypt. Nowadays cheap copies of these are found everywhere, and can be easily framed in one's home like this Egyptian style painting curated by SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS. Such a painting is both affordable and exotic and with an ornate golden frame like here, they will make a more authentic impact. Decorative items like busts of ancient Egyptian Gods and Godesses, trays and spoons with carved heads of people in ancient Egyptian attire, and even cushions covers and wallpapers with such prints are easily available in the market these days. If your style is more Italian than Egyptian, here are 6 simple tips to create an Italian country style home in India.

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