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The industrial style is not just a style, is a way of living. It is very well known by the people who live in big cities, who love art, fashion, and everything that has to do with the vibrant part of a city. Its trademark lies in the sharp lines, in changing the objects function, and in making every material and texture working together toward a common goal, rather than emphasizing the singularity of an object. 

In the examples below the industrial style will reveal its power in highlighting the rawness of a living room, without hiding the imperfections and the flaws of a room. 

Play with the utility of the bricks

This living room is the perfect example for the smart industrial style. The main attraction of this room is the wall made out of bricks, which are not serving just for a wall but for shelves too. The perfectly square bricks are pumping out of the wall with the idea to use their utility in other ways around. The wood can be found in the pallets of the sofas, and of course, the indispensable metal lamps are hanging down from the ceiling. 

Reinvent the use of the objects in your living room

This living room has reinvented the use of so many objects. In the first place, the sofas are made from classic wooden pallets and on top some comfortable cushions has been sat. The coffee table is made from the same pallets but on top a smoky glass is making sure that the coffee will not be spilled. The half wooden wall looks like is made out of parquet, and the right wall is an entire gallery of old suitcases. 

Use wood, brick and metal in your living room

The industrial style can be founded in the mixture between wood, brick, and metal. So in this living room these three materials can be founded all over the room. The wood can be noticed in the beams that are covering the ceiling next to the window, also in the right wall made out of painted beams. The wooden floor gives warmness to the entire living room. The bricks can be found in the left wall next to the window, and the metal is shaping the big lamps from which the light is poring down. Also the neutral colors are playing a big part in the industrial style. 

Gray is the industrial color

The rawness of this living room is coming out from the brick wall and from the metal beams, which offers a very authentic industrial style to the room. The big windows are highlighting the shades of gray from the entire living room that are in perfect contrast with the brown and red shades from the brick wall. 

Don't forget about art

This living room has all the industrial style trademarks and much more. The industrial grunge of the room blends perfectly with the Boheme part that flourishes from the black piano and from the big silver candlestick. Lev Lugovskoy is the one who can mix beautifully the rawness of a room with the luxurious and comfortable part of the art world.  

Let the metal define your industrial living room

If you are living in a studio, then the industrial style is the one you need. What makes this living room industrial is the simplicity that you can find in the design, in the way the flaws of the ceiling are not hidden, in the way the pallets are used as shelves, and of course in the main piece of this living room, the curved metal staircase that leads to the rooftop of the building. 

Here you can find more examples of great staircases. 

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