7 Vintage Tips for a Stylish Bedroom

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The world of fashion seems to be forever on the move. Every season brings with it new spirits followed by a fresh set of styles. But these new trends germinate from old design ideals. It is common to see the revival of age old traditions in the world of architecture and interior design. And in certain cases, the design principles do not require reviving at all. They seem to be among the perennial favourites whose appreciation increase with time.

Vintage décor for your home is one such style that borrows heavily from age old wisdom of designers and architects. It does not seem to age at all. On the contrary, its charm increases with time. Today we will learn a few ways of giving your bedroom a vintage makeover. Once you are done refurbishing your home, you too are bound to feel like novelist Edith Wharton, 'A classic is classic not because it conforms to certain structural rules, or fits certain definitions… it is classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness'.

Opt for a classically-styled bed

The bed occupies the central position in any bedroom. For an authentic vintage feel, choose a classical bed. From the gravity-filled designs of baroque to fun-loving rococo, florid style of nouveau to geometric precision of art deco you have a wide variety to choose from. But you need to moderate any of these styles to suit the modern ambience. Do not disregard local traditions. Some of the most ornate four-poster or canopy beds are available to source from local artisan shops. Do not rule out Chinese canopy beds or Arabian divans still in use. They will help you to create a special ambience for your vintage bedroom.

Sumptuous bed furnishings

A luxuriously-styled bed must have appropriate bed furnishings. Many Asian countries still rely on traditional cotton-stuffed mattresses. Depending on your tastes and comfort you can buy traditional or modern foam-stuffed mattresses. Insist on quality to avoid skin irritations. Buy plush cotton bed sheets and pillow covers. Satin and percale are soft, friendly to skin and suitable for a lavish bed. Handwoven silk bedsheets would give a similarly plush feel, but they may not be comfortable enough for regular use. Cushion and pillows must also be covered with breathable fabric. For a striking look, choose hand-embroidered or block printed covers.

Wallpaper with a retro touch

To stylise your bedroom walls use classical wallpaper. You need not cover the entire room—though you can if you'd like to—but focus only on the feature wall. Choose a colour and motif commensurate to the overall colour scheme. When using hand printed wallpaper, try to coordinate it with other aspects of décor like upholstery, bed furnishings and curtains. If the entire room is steeped in subtle tones you can choose a darker shade for a dramatic feel.

Characterful vintage rug

It is difficult to imagine a vintage bedroom without a stylish area rug. Contemporary designs or monochrome styles won’t do in this case. Bring on styles that have been revered through ages. Painstakingly detailed Tabris or Esfahan silk carpets may not be too difficult to procure, but they are very expensive. If you do not have a wish to upset your budget, select smaller, less ornate kilms or woollen rugs. You can consider buying an antique piece as well. Alternatively, stylise your bedroom with a much cheaper yet charming kalamkari rug, dhurrie, jajim rugs organic chatai mats or batik printed rugs.

Period dressing table

Invest in a stylish armoire and dressing table made of high quality wood. If you wish to give them a glamorous makeover use bronze accents. Mahogany is an all-time favourite. Dressing tables made of cherrywood, rosewood, cedar, walnut, fir and sandalwood are also highly appreciated. Though expensive furniture made of natural wood can last for generations. Give them a coat of varnish and try not to overwhelm their natural colour and texture. For an extra appeal, you can also choose a marble top for your dressing table.

Rich, plush curtains

A vintage bedroom will not bear the absence of lavish curtains. For an authentic vintage feel, you can choose a range of fabric. Cotton is luxurious, easily washable and organic. Damask cotton, velvet or dupioni helps to transform the atmosphere almost effortlessly. Taffetta silk, satin, jacquard fabric or tapestry can be chosen for this space as well. However, maintaining them could be slightly more difficult. 

Choose another layer of curtains made of lace, organza or premium quality muslin. They will ensure privacy and modulate the amount of natural light inside the room. See how Agraffe Design used curtains to augment the beauty of this space! Curtains at a pooling or floating length are best suited for a vintage bedroom.

Opulent light fixtures

It is important to decorate this space with beautiful chandeliers and bedside lamps. With some efforts you can still purchase vintage chandeliers made of Murano crystals. You may procure them from local antique shops. You can also purchase beautiful lighting fixtures exuding an old-world charm designed by modern designers like Murray Feiss, L D Kichler and Carolyn Kinder. You are free to select an extravagant piece, but tone it down if it seems to create clutter in your bedroom space. 

Instead of chandeliers you can choose to have less ornate pendant lighting or linear suspensions. Keep an eye on comfort and ensure a peaceful ambience to fully enjoy sleeping in a vintage bedroom. For some more home decor tips, don't miss these gorgeous bathroom makeover ideas!

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