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9 Stylish Walk-in Closet Designs for Bedrooms

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The concept of a walk-in closet is slowly but surely gaining popularity in modern homes, especially among the younger generation that is always on the go. Apart from being a luxurious addition to the bedroom, the walk-in closet is a practical design that brings together the bedroom cupboards and the dressing area for more comfort.  When the door to the walk-in closet opens, one can see everything on display, making it easier to find things. When one is in a rush, with a walk-in wardrobe, there will be no struggle in finding the right bag to match a dress or to choose what to wear to the office every day. To inspire, we present a few ideas for the walk-in closet for your bedroom.

1. Expansive walk-in closet

A huge walk-in closet that runs along the wall in the shape of an L will have more than enough storage for everything. Open shelves, drawers, corner shelves and even a cabinet – all one needs to do is walk into the comfort of the closet and get ready.

2. Stylish walk-in closet with mirrored doors

A mirrored walk-in wardrobe in the en suite bathroom off the bedroom looks elegant. It also creates the illusion of spaciousness. With mirrors to check one’s appearance, getting ready in the morning rush hour will be a breeze.

3. Signature hanger in the walk-in closet

Ready mades - Contemporary Hangers Uncut Design Lab Office spaces & stores
Uncut Design Lab

Ready mades—Contemporary Hangers

Uncut Design Lab

Make a statement in a simple walk-in wardrobe with a stylish rod to hang up clothes. Think beyond open shelves and give a unique shape to the rack to change the look and feel of the walk-in closet.

4. White walk-in closet with an island

A room full of white wardrobes with an island in the middle is the perfect design for a walk-in closet. Tall cupboards, drawers, countertops and lots of mirrors – it’s a picture of luxury in white.

5. Big walk-in closet for a small bedroom

With creativity, a stylish walk-in closet can be built even in a small bedroom. Embedded within the wall, the smart and stylish walk-in closet is just a few steps away from the bed but has adequate space in between the bed and the wardrobe so that the area doesn’t appear cramped.

6. A squeezed-in walk-in closet

Residence,New Beach,California Ground 11 Architects Modern dressing room
Ground 11 Architects

Residence,New Beach,California

Ground 11 Architects

This classy and luxurious gallery-style is a perfect way to squeeze in a walk-in wardrobe even in small spaces.  The use of white on the floor to ceiling wardrobe and on the ceiling provides a clean and clear environment that makes the area appear bright and airy.

7. Combining the dressing room with the walk-in closet

A walk-in dressing room with a dresser on one side and a closet on the other is a smart and elegant way to combine the two most important features of the bedroom.  The combination of dark wood and white tones is classic as well as stylish.

8. Walk-in closet behind the partition

walk-in-wardrobe Lamco Design LTD Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Lamco Design LTD


Lamco Design LTD

Partitioned by the glass door, this walk-in closet is enormous with an island and shelves running all through the area. A beautiful chandelier enhances the elegance of the wardrobe, making it attractive.

9. Traditional feel for a modern walk-in closet

WALK IN WARDROBE homify Modern dressing room Black



Panelled doors with a dark wood frame make this walk-in closet resemble the conventional bedroom cupboards. However, it has been given a modern twist with the use of glass, which puts everything on display,  instead of just installing a wall of closed cupboards in the bedroom. 

Get tips on how to build a functional walk-in wardrobe from these 7 tips to create the perfect walk-in closet.

Which of these walk-in closet designs will you chose for your bedroom?
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