8 beautiful houses that prove small can be stylish

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2 Bedroom Wee House in Uig, Isle of Lewis The Wee House Company Classic style houses Solid Wood
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It’s common sense that living in a small space can lead to certain difficulties, such as trying to fit everything in. Add to that the fact that we want our (small) homes to look beautiful and it becomes an even bigger challenge. 

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to make the most of a small dwelling and ensure it provides a visually pleasing and practical space for you and your family.

And to prove that, we have got these 8 examples of small houses to brag about…  

Small house tip 1: Think multipurpose

Modern homes are all about joining up various spaces for socialising. Well, turns out open-plan rooms are also great for upping a house’s functionality. Thus, embrace open-plan living and let one room serve many functions (such as a home office doubling as a guest bedroom, or a kitchen / bathroom also being a laundry room). 

Small house tip 2: Don’t overdo it with textures and colours

A splatter of patterns and tints might look remarkable in a large space, but it can quickly make a smaller area seem cramped. Thus, for your small house’s interior- and exterior surfaces, stick to simple hues (neutrals are simply the best). And if you want to add some detail via materials and cladding, ensure it doesn’t overthrow the rest of the space / structure. 

This little container home does it right via wooden cladding that is striking, yet still ensures a clean and calm style.

Small house tip 3: Connect with the outdoors

Adding a simple patio (with matching glass doors) is ideal for making your small home’s interiors seem much bigger. 

Just look at this stunning example above: it's a simple matter of throwing open those sliding doors and letting the insides blend with the outdoors!

Small house tip 4: Clear the clutter (often)

Small spaces don’t do well with clutter, and that’s true for your tiny home’s exterior surfaces as well. Thus, rather cool it with the accessories and trimmings.

This stacked container home keeps it simple with a handful of garden trimmings (which seem even calmer thanks to the façade’s soft colours)! 

Small house tip 5: Raise the roof

Want to expand your small house’s size without changing its footprint? Raise the ceiling for extra air space. And for extra points, add high windows or skylights to usher in even more natural light! 

Do you really think that this small house with its rather unique design would have been as striking had that roof not been as high? 

Small house tip 6: Do what you can with halls, or skip them

We understand that hallways are necessary (sometimes), but they do tend to eat up a lot of legroom. See how you can make yours more creative to work with your limited space. For instance, an entry can open up on to various rooms instead of a single hallway. 

Small house tip 7: Let in some light

Extend your tiny house’s visible footprint by opting for large windows and glass doors. They are perfect for making the exterior view come rushing inside, plus usher in a decadent amount of natural light to make the indoors brighter and increase its visual spaciousness. 

And if you happen to have a world-class view such as this tiny bungalow next to a river, then letting in more light is really a must!  

Small house tip 8: Up your cupboard space with walls

2 Bedroom Wee House in Uig, Isle of Lewis The Wee House Company Classic style houses Solid Wood
The Wee House Company

2 Bedroom Wee House in Uig, Isle of Lewis

The Wee House Company

Creating convenient storage space is crucial for saving space in a small home. That’s why we recommend you think vertically and see where on your walls you can add wire racks, floating shelving, mounted cabinets, etc. 

Since we’re busy beautifying tiny spaces, we have these 10 amazing colours for a small room’s walls to further inspire you. 

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