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What to Look for When Buying a Bathroom Sink!

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Bathrooms are the one room in a house that can show their age fastest. It is not just the wear and tear that a bathroom endures every day, but the styles of bathroom that can quickly become outdated and unfashionable. For an older tired bathroom, a make over can be just the trick to extend its life and bring a freshness into the space. One of the best things to overhaul in a bathroom make over is the bathroom sink. The bathroom sink is often the most used item in the bathroom, so it is important that it creates a positive impression. When choosing a new bathroom sink, there are some important things that should be considered including the size available in the space, the fitting already installed in the bathroom, the style you wish to have and the practical needs of those using the bathroom. homify has found the top things to consider when choosing a bathroom sink.

The Size: Two sinks? The morning without a fight!

One of the first considerations to make when choosing a new sink for the bathroom is the size. How much space can you devote to the sink? If it is a small ensuite bathroom, it may not be much at all. If it is a large family bathroom, you may have more freedom to choose. It is also important to consider the practical use of a bathroom sink. To be functional it is important to allow the centre of the sink to be at least 12 inches from the nearest wall to allow adequate elbow space. The height is another important consideration. It is important to have enough space for a 34-inch bathroom sink. This is the average height for all new bathroom sinks. These sinks are by Hide and Stitch


The taps are another important consideration that will impact on the type of sink you will have. The sink you choose will dictate the taps you will need for your bathroom. The most common style of sinks will have three, one or no holes for tap fittings. If the sink has a three-hole arrangement there will be individual hot and cold taps with an outlet. A one-hole sink however will require a single handled, lever operated tap. A vessel style sink that does not have any holes will require taps to be mounted on the wall or somewhere else on the sink surrounds. This is important to consider when choosing your sink. A modern bathroom will be more likely to have a modern one hole, or no hole sink, while a more traditional sink will have the three-hole arrangement.


The materials you choose for your bathroom will largely depend on the style you are wanting to achieve. There are several materials that you can choose from when deciding on your bathroom sink. Porcelain, metal, glass or stone are the most common materials. Porcelain is smooth, glossy, stain resistant and easy to clean. It is popular in more traditional bathrooms. Metal sinks are made from a variety of metals including stainless steel, copper and nickel. They can have an attractive finish, but can be difficult to keep clean. A glass sink can be surprisingly strong and very attractive. It can make a bold statement in a modern home, although they are prone to scratching and chipping and can be difficult to keep clean. Stone sinks are made from marble, granite and onyx. They have a stunning appearance with natural colours and veining, although it can be prone to staining. This sink was by Designsetter.

Styles without storage

There are many ways that a bathroom sink can be mounted. They can be placed on top of a counter, on a pedestal, wall mounted or in a console. Some of these allow for added storage space while others provide a simple and elegant functional sink. A pedestal sink consists of a sink, usually made from porcelain, atop a tall slender base. They are commonly thought of as a traditional sink, although there are some that have very modern designs. They provide an elegant and stylish sink suited to a small or compact bathroom. The downside is that they do not provide any countertop surface or storage space. The wall mounted sink is another good choice for a small bathroom. These sinks hang from a wall at a comfortable height. They are open below allowing the pipes and drainage to be visable. The are a great option for a small space, but do not allow for counter space or storage.

Styles with storage

There are however many bathroom sink styles that allow for counter space and storage. The counter top sink is a great choice for those with a larger bathroom that require more storage space. These sinks sit either on top of or are built into the counter top. They often allow for a good amount of space around the sink, on the cabinetry. These come in a few varieties; integrated sinks, where the sink and the countertop are made of the same material, top mounted, where the sink is dropped into a hole in the counter, under mount sinks, where the sink is mounted below the countertop or the vessel style, where the sink sits atop a counter. There is also the console style, which resembles a wall mounted sink with legs. They have a good amount of counter space and open shelving below.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of your bathroom sink will depend on the material that it is made from, although it is important that every sink is regularly cleaned to ensure a long life. For sinks made from porcelain, be sure to clean regularly; use baking soda on a clean damp cloth. For a metal sink, never use abrasive cleaners. Metal sinks are best cleaned with a soft cloth and either baking soda or distilled vinegar. This will ensure that the sink will not be scratched as this can lead to rusting if not treated promptly. For stone sinks, avoid any acidic or abrasive cleaners, instead use a mild dish soap and a soft cloth, to avoid staining or scratching the stone.

The bathroom is the one room of the house that often becomes tired and worn out the fastest. It is good to give it an spruce up every few years. One great way to bring a freshness to your bathroom is with a new sink. There are so many different sinks out there how do you know the best one for your bathroom? There are a few things to consider for when choosing a new sink; how much space do you have? What sort of taps do you want? What sort of material are you looking for? And do you need storage space? When you have considered these important considerations, it will be time to start looking for your new bathroom sink. Consider the style of your bathroom and choose something to suit. For more bathroom inspiration see 6 Contemporary Bathroom Sinks.

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