Simple ways to Install a Shower Cubicle on Your Own—So it Will Work!

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It may be that you need to replace your old or outdate shower screen, or you could be doing a complete renovation of your home, either way you need to install a new shower cubicle. There are many shower cubicle options available to consumers. They are made of a variety of materials including cement and tiles, textured glass, clear glass or entire fiberglass shower cubicles. Installing a new shower cubicle can be a complex and costly process. There are expensive fittings and materials to choose and plumbers to arrange. Although it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many shower cubicles available on the market now that can be installed by the DIY enthusiast, and it is easier than you think. These cubicles come in a range of sizes and styles to fit into very large or very small bathrooms. homify has done the research and has a simple way to install a shower cubicle on your own.

Measure & Check

When you have decided that you are ready to take on the challenge of installing a shower cubicle yourself the next step is to decide on the shower. This will depend on the space you have available in your bathroom. Start by measuring the area you have designated for the shower. Measurements should be taken for the width, height and depth of the shower area. The base of a shower is made from either tiles or a manufactured single shower base. If you have tiles and they are in good condition, you may wish to use these as a base for the shower. If they are not in very good condition, you may wish to instead order a shower base. Keep in mind that they come in specific sizes. If you choose this path you will need to base the size of the shower around the dimensions of the shower base.

Choose the Cubicle

Many manufacturers have become aware of the growing popularity of DIY and are providing kits for people to install their own shower cubicles. This has meant that there is a large variety of easy to assemble and install shower cubicles on the market. It is important to choose a shower cubicle that will fit into the space you have available. Once you have a choice of what is available for the size you have available, you can factor in other important needs. Will there be children using the shower? If so it may be better to installed toughened glass with a strong frame. In a busy household an entire fibreglass enclosure may be a good option for ease of cleaning. This bathroom design was by Radaway. 

Prepare the Cubicle

Once you have chosen and purchased your shower enclosure, it is time for the difficult part, construction. Start by assembling the frame of the cubicle according to the manufacturers instructions. This may involve some simple construction techniques.  When it is fully assembled, it is time to move it into place. For this part it may be necessary to get the help of a second person. With the shower base in position and plumbed in, place the shower cubicle frame onto the base. This will be one of the trickiest part of the process.  Once in place it is time to screw the frame into positon on the wall. It is good to have a drill for this part of the process. Finally check the frame is in the correct positon using a fluid level.  This will ensure that the rails are perfectly vertical and that the bottom of the enclosure is vertical.

Position the Screens

There are many different types of enclosures. Some will come as a single enclosure that simply needs to be fixed to the wall. In these cases your installation process has nearly finished. Other types of enclosures will require you to fit the screens into the frame of the cubicle. If this is the enclosure you have chosen you will need to fit the screens next. This can be a simple process, if the cubicle was prepared properly. If the cubicle is not perfectly level and straight, you will find that the screens will not slot into position easily. If this is the case, go back and adjust the positioning of the enclosure. It may take a few adjustments before the screens will slot into positon. Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to install the screens.

Install the Door of the Shower Cubicle

There are several different types of shower cubicle doors; glass tilting, folding and sliding. The type of door you choose will depend on the way it will be used, or the style of the bathroom. If the shower will be used by children or a large family, it may be a better option to choose a sturdy sliding door. This will be a strong option for a shower that will be used several times a day. For those who are more concerned about the aesthetic look of the shower cubicle, a glass tilting door may be the best choice. These provide a wonderful seamless appearance of the shower.  The installation of each of these doors will depend on the type of door. Consult the manufacturers instruction on the installation of these products.

Seal It Up

Now that you have constructed your very first shower enclosure, it is time to ensure that it stays water tight, this is called sealing the shower. This is the most difficult part of the process. With the complete shower cubicle in place you will need to unscrew it from the wall and move it further enough away to be able to apply the sealant to the space between the wall and the cubicle. Using the sealant applicator, place a line of silicon sealant in a line between the tilled wall and the enclosure. This will seal in the moisture and water and avoid leaks. You will then need to place the cubicle back into position and fix again to the wall. When this is done, use the sealant again along the outside where the cubicle meets the walls and floor. Do not seal the inside of the shower. This bathroom was designed by 3D Mimari

Congratulations you have now installed your new shower cubicle. The installation of a shower cubicle can seem like a complex and daunting task, although with a few instructions, and the right materials, it can be relatively simple and easy. Start by measuring the area you have in mind for your new shower, choose the best shower option based on its intended use, construct the frame for your cubicle and place it in position, place the screens in the frame, install the door and seal the cubicle. The construction of your own shower cubicle can be this easy.  For more bathroom inspiration see Eclectic Shower Stall Designs for your Bathroom.

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