POP false ceiling design ideas for different rooms in the home

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The ceiling is as integral to the beauty of a room as walls and floors are. However, until recently ceilings in homes were kept simple and unobtrusive. Nowadays, false ceilings are being used in artistic ways to beautify the home by hiding ugly ductwork and wires as well as for acoustics and sound absorption. With the changing trends and innovations in interior decoration, creative ceiling layouts designed with ornamental lights, wood and other decorative elements have become more prevalent in modern homes. Various types of materials like gypsum, plaster of Paris (POP), wood and glass panels are being used to design false ceilings.

The beautiful designs in this ideabook will focus on plaster of Paris or POP combined with other elements that make ceilings eye-catching in different sections of the house.  

1. Vibrant foyer

Light-coloured ceilings always create a feeling of expansiveness and width, and here, the lights fixed within the false ceiling enhances the beauty of the entrance. The criss-cross design is an artistic creation with the light glowing through the angular openings.

2. Classy living room

In this modern living room, two focus areas have been created by the false ceiling design to make an invisible divider between the entertainment sector and seating area. In this type of design, the fan, wooden panels, recessed lighting and the chandelier have been added to the POP ceiling layout to enhance the design.

3. Soothing master bedroom

The stylish combination of lights and the carved wood panel around the headboard of the bed give a sense of grandeur to this elegantly designed minimalist bedroom. Ambient lighting within the false ceiling creates the perfect atmosphere for sleeping, while spotlights along the edge keep the shadows away from corners.

4. Dining area and Puja section

The white background of this room enhances the wooden elements on the ceiling as well as the crockery shelf and other features. For those who like the lines and angles of the classic style,  this design is perfect. The beautiful etched design on the puja room door is the main highlight. The false ceiling has been divided into sections to make the room feel expansive, and the wood panel in the centre is the ideal base for the fan.

5. Ceiling design as a separator

This ceiling design includes a combination of stylish curved pieces on the false ceiling that give an artistic feel to the room. Both of the circular pieces have built-in lights that bring style to the ceiling and adapt to the room's decor. Ceiling designs are not limited to providing lighting in rooms. Here, different types of lighting styles have been used to frame the corners and the wall art instead of focusing on creating a separation between the rooms.

6. Bright kitchen

A small kitchen can feel claustrophobic, especially if it has a wall that blocks it from other sections of the house. Instead, one can opt for an open plan and use the false ceiling as a divider to create an inclusive area within the integrated space.

7. Playful arena for a child

Children’s rooms like nursery and bedrooms are the best places to experiment with shapes and colours on the ceiling and walls. Experimental shapes and coloured lighting give a nice facelift to the false ceiling in this room. Made of square pieces composed of POP, the ceiling provides additional illumination to the bedroom through focused and ambient lighting. It is a fun way to play with lights and colours to enhance the imaginative decor.

8. Classic bathroom

The POP ceiling design in this bathroom has been used to brighten up the large area with colourful lights which make even the remotest corners cheerful. The ceiling layout has been used in such a manner that lights in the unused parts of the bathroom can be switched off to save energy when they are not being used.

If these designs have piqued your interest in false ceilings, here are more tips on how to use false ceilings to decorate your home.

Which of these ceiling designs did you like the best?

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