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5 Colourful kitchens for Indian homes

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
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The dream kitchen for most people is sparkling white or cream. While that maybe the dream, one needs to get a reality check. Light colours and specially white is almost impossible to maintain in the heat and humidity of India. Add to that a predominantly spicy cuisine and white becomes a nightmare to maintain in the kitchen. So here are some colourful kitchens that best fit the Indian cuisine and clime.

Sunny side up

While dark colours are easy to maintain, they can make a kitchen look small and gloomy. Those who like the sunny side up, can go for this bright yellow kitchen. The jet black granite counter top highlights the sunny yellow laminate kitchen cabinets. While the cream floor and ceiling help to maintain balance, so that the yellow doesn’t look too garish. The silver gas-oven and chimney, as well as some funky red cutlery add a fun touch to this colourful sunny kitchen designed by ASENNE ARQUITETURA.

Brown and black

Dark colours are the easiest to maintain. Thus this brown and black kitchen is one of the most low maintenance kitchens that one can opt for. The granite counter tops are an unusual greyish-black and sturdy. While the kitchen cabinets are made of wood coloured laminate, which won’t get spoilt easily. The cream floor tiles too are very durable. It may not be the brightest kitchen, but it's a beautiful dark coloured kitchen.

Go green

Those who love nature and gardening can go green with their kitchen too. A light shade of green can make a kitchen look both spacious as well as soothing to the eye. Alternating green and wooden finish laminate cabinets adds an eclectic edge to this kitchen. Light green coloured tiles for the floor and an off white marble counter top, are both easy to maintain and blend in with the scheme of the kitchen. A funky green wall with word art and a silver chimney and gas stove give this kitchen a modern touch. Here's another idea for a serene green kitchen.

True blue

This minimal kitchen is perfect for those who want a compact kitchen and love the true blue of the ocean. The cyan hi-gloss lacquered kitchen cabinets, and the white counter top and cabinet border at the bottom are simple yet sophisticated. A single glass cabinet with steel border breaks away from the overall blue scheme. This kitchen has a very self-contained design. The fridge is camouflaged with the same blue material as the cabinets, and the oven and gas stove are inbuilt into the cabinet unit. Add a neat white dining set and this true blue kitchen is perfect for those looking to maintain a simple yet colourful kitchen.

More orangey

For those who really want to stand out from the crowd, an orange kitchen is the perfect adventurous pick. Black counter top, beige tiles and white detailing can help to mellow down the orange hi-gloss lacquered cabinets. As will the silver chimney and and the inbuilt stove. But for those who's main agenda is a colourful kitchen, an orange laminate dining table will go perfectly well with the glossy orange cabinets. 

Find some great practical kitchen accessories here, that will go perfectly with such a colourful compact kitchen.

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