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Wood is a material that is both soft to the touch, yet incredibly strong and hardwearing. We all have wood in some form or another in our homes and there is a good reason for this—that is that it looks good.

Oak is an incredible wood that lends itself perfectly to bathrooms, and in this instance, vanity units. A vanity unit is something a lot of bathrooms need and is very much an essential storage space. We all have a lot of bathroom clutter that we like to be handy, but be out of sight, and this is where a vanity unit can help. 

Beautiful and dark

A vanity unit is there to provide storage. But we think it something more than that, and that is something that should look good, as well as be functional. This particular vanity unit is a stunning piece, reminiscent of times when art deco was the fashion. It has very strong lines through it which draw the eye along and down. The mix of stainless steel and oak are wonderful to look at and very contrasting. Designed by Justin Van Breda, it would be an artistic addition to any bathroom. The darkness of the wood would look amazing in a lighter bathroom.

Classic oak

The Isabel vanity unit is much more classic looking. We love the natural colour of the oak and how it stands out. Coupled with the grey stone sink surround, it helps the wood shine through and stand out even more. It is very English in style and we feel it could sit well in a traditional bathroom. The unit has ample storage for towels and toiletries in the two cupboards.

Modern and open

A vanity unit doesn't have to look classic. In fact it only has to be functional as a vanity, and how it looks is up to you. This unit is much more modern than the one above. The design is open in the middle, allowing perfect storage for hand towels, whilst everything else can be hidden away in the side cupboards. The wood grain is stunning and the slightly darker colour sits well against the lighter sink surround. We love the exposed brick work in this bathroom. It works really well with the wood in terms of colour and that feeling of everything being stripped back.

Everything elongated

Greensleeves Bathroom DUA Architecture LLP Modern bathroom
DUA Architecture LLP

Greensleeves Bathroom

DUA Architecture LLP

An oak bathroom vanity unit can really be made to fit the space you want it too. Take a moment to look at this image and you will start to see parallels in all the shapes. The tiles on the wall are long and rectangular, so are the windows, the mirror and the sink. Every part of this room has been thought about, including the vanity unit. It too, is long and rectangular. Sitting below a double sink, the wood gives a lovely contrast to the cold tiles and adds warmth to the room.

Wonderful views

Imagine sitting in this bath and looking out of that window. Everything about this bathroom is spacious, from the inside to the outside, there is nothing but space. The oak vanity unit is very classic looking, which is in keeping with the decor of the whole room. The bath sits on its own feet and is a classic roll top, so the vanity unit has to remain in this style. Opulence is a word to be used with this room. The chandelier lighting and the large windows just add to the feel of it.

Oak and walnut

Stonearth - Finesse Oak washstand double basins Stonearth Interiors Ltd Scandinavian style bathroom
Stonearth Interiors Ltd

Stonearth—Finesse Oak washstand double basins

Stonearth Interiors Ltd

If one wood isn't enough, why not use two? Oak and walnut make an excellent combination. Here we can see how wood can be made to feel very modern. This vanity unit has two sinks on top of it, whilst providing enough storage for two people. The wood is lovely and light, showcasing the wonder that is oak and its many shades.

A natural look

Stonearth - Prestige Medium, Travertine - Rough edge top , Pebble basin Stonearth Interiors Ltd BathroomFittings
Stonearth Interiors Ltd

Stonearth—Prestige Medium, Travertine—Rough edge top , Pebble basin

Stonearth Interiors Ltd

As fashion trends come and go, the natural look is something that is very much always desired. Solid wood is vey much a good investment, because it is a classic look that will last for years to come. There would be no reason to change the furniture, if you wanted to change the look of the decor. This solid oak vanity unit has a single large drawer for storage. But it also has the top of the drawer which can easily be used as a shelf. The large handle gives it a modern feel that we think looks great.

Coloured oak

Oak Built-in Cupboard Hout Design Colonial style bathroom
Hout Design

Oak Built-in Cupboard

Hout Design

We love oak in its natural state because it has such a lovely colour and hue to it. However, this isn't to say that you can't take it and make it your own. Everything about your own bathroom should feel like it is yours. This oak vanity unit is part of a bathroom that is coloured. The gorgeous stained glass window allows light to flow in, and the colour of the wood matches the greens in the window and the window frame. The top is natural wood, so we still get a sense of the fact that it is solid oak.

Practical places

Refurbishment project West Sussex At No 19 Minimalist bathroom
At No 19

Refurbishment project West Sussex

At No 19

Vanity units are practical places. Of course they are, and most bathrooms will have one in some sort or another. One more consideration worth thinking about is, where to place the unit. Under the sink is the most common and practical. Here we can see that this unit is fixed to the wall which looks amazing. It means the floor space is clean and clear and the lines all meet neatly. It really adds to the look of the bathroom. The bathroom is very white and clean, giving the wood a visual space to shine and be the focal piece of the room.

Handmade luxury




In our modern age, handmade items are making a great comeback. When you need something bespoke, handmade is certainly the way forward. Under sink cabinets can be made to measure, as they have been here. We love how the internal part of the drawer has been cut to fit the pipework under the sink, but still allow for plenty of storage space. The drawers are long and deep, and there is one for each sink, which is perfect. Whatever the design of your bathroom, we hope we have shown some ideas that can inspire you.

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