10 charming small home designs from around the world

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Luxurious living in large or even medium-sized houses is fast becoming rare in today’s modern lifestyle. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are downsizing when it comes to building their dream home. Small and cosy houses, which are comfortable and easy to maintain, are the way forward and have become a lifestyle choice due to the advantages they offer in terms of being affordable, convenient and environment-friendly with a reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, with the pressure on land, especially in urban and semi-urban areas, small homes are practical. Modern architects and interior designers and decorators are adapting to the change and coming up with innovative and stylish ideas to cater to the needs of their clients and help them in realising their dream of owning a home, even if it is a small one. So today, we have picked up ten charming, small homes conceptualised and built by professionals from around the world. Have a look and get inspired!   

1. Out of a fairytale

Inspired by fairy tales,  this cute little house is a perfect refuge for the family as a vacation home, or a country cottage tucked in the hills or near the forest. The striking sloping roof adds to its uniqueness.  

2. Rustic stone cottage

This small home is built from stone, clay tiles on the roof and features wood and glass on the doors and windows. Its beauty lies in its rustic simplicity.

3. Two-level small house

The vertical structure of glass and concrete in this home includes a living room and an open kitchen and dining room on the ground level and a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor. It is compact but has everything for comfortable living as it comes fitted with modern amenities. The highlight is undeniably the gorgeous views from every room, thanks to the glass.

4. Quaint little home

A perfect getaway from the busy urban lifestyle, this brick house has a unique design that promises the luxury of a simple life surrounded by tranquillity, but it doesn’t skimp on creature comforts.  

5. Framed with the warmth of wood and shine of glass

The exposed wood painted in a natural brown and extensive use of glass fills the small home with warmth during daytime and keeps it shining at night.

6. An elevated wooden house

Towering high from the ground, this spectacular wooden house merges with the trees to become one among them. Although it is not a treehouse, the view of the surroundings from the elevated rooms makes it feel like one.

7. A quiet and calm cottage

This calm retreat for a small family ensures quiet time spent together basking in the sun or resting in the shade on the veranda. Built from brick, concrete and wood, the home’s design is reminiscent of the bygone era.

8. Innovative design on stilts

Joined in the middle, the creative design of this small home is sure to attract attention. The twin cabins built from wood and glass are elevated at an angle to suit the gradation of the land. The U-shaped layout has two identical units on either side connected by a glass corridor. It can be a family house with the social space on one side and private rooms on the other, or it could be a house for two families living together, each having their private wing.

9. Modern and elegant

This elegantly designed modern city home, although small in size, is full of comfort and style. Floor to ceiling glass walls connect the house with the outside world and creates an illusion of spaciousness. The stone facade, grey walls, solid wood door and the front garden, complete the image.

10. Prefabricated house on wheels

Worldwide, prefabricated homes are gaining popularity as they are easy to assemble, can be constructed in a short time, suit every budget and are energy efficient. Their practicality and variety of design opportunities make these homes ideal for young families, who are ready to experiment and willing to adapt.

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