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6 Stunning bookshelf ideas

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For every book lover, it is very important to have a quaint and safe place to keep his or her prized possessions. Around a bookshelf is where you will see a book lover spend most of their leisure time. Shouldn't these unique and long-lasting friends be given their rightful place?! 

There are wide ranges of options for bookshelves that one can choose from. From traditional to modern to quirky, bookshelves add character to your home. They give people an insight on an individual's taste and personality. You can arrange all your books according to genres, colours, or authors. A bookshelf can be introduced in any room of your home. Here are some storage ideas for books that you can go through. Click here for more ideas on home bookshelves. 

Leaning book tower

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To bring a unique and distinct touch to conventional storage for books, inverted bookshelves are a brilliant idea. The bookshelf in this example sports a different shape, a welcome change from traditional square ones. The steel grey colour of the bookshelf goes well with the white walls and floor.   


If your personal taste and quirky and unconventional, it is ideal to go for these kind of bookshelves. They are space-saving, making them ideal for apartments. The stacked design of the boxes in different shapes add an element of fun to any room. You can also keep small curios along with your books to add some colour.  


If you want to add a rustic charm to your home, then you can make a bookshelf from recycled wooden planks. The distressed and raw appearance of this bookshelf gives it an authentic look. It effortlessly merges with the dark and rich brown hue of the books it holds. 

Classic Library

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One can hardly ever go wrong with a rich and dark wooden bookshelf. In this example, an entire wall is devoted for the bookshelf. With different sections, it becomes easy for you to spot the book you desire to read. The dark and classic brown of the wood brings immense character to this room. What's more, by adding two plush chairs, this room becomes more inviting. 


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Obi Furniture

Tilt bookshelf

Obi Furniture

If you are a foodie and refer to various recipe books to whip a meal, this bookshelf is the perfect option for you. The compact design saves on a lot of space and looks uncluttered and charming. You can neatly arrange the books that you most often refer to and keep pencils on the side for you to take notes with. This bookshelf can be packed away to a corner of the counter of your kitchen

For the kids

Inculcate the habit of reading into your child. And what better way to do that than to introduce a cartooned bookshelf in their room? Shaped like a monster with a gaping mouth and googly eyes, this unique bookshelf instantly adds drama to a room Your kids will have fun retrieving their favourite books from the gaps between the teeth of this monster! 


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Book rack in Wenge


This imaginative and creative bookshelf or rather, a booksline makes for a charming addition to your home. A single piece of dark wood features pegs and strings that holds your books in place. It is sure to garner the attention of everybody! Check out more such quirky options from agustav

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