Uniquely designed pool tables by Xavigil in Paços de Ferreira

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When imagining pool tables, most of us are immediately presented with an image of a sturdy wooden table that has thick legs, a grass-green top, and a variety of coloured balls atop. And even though traditional pool tables are still as stunning as ever, more modern designs are available in a wider variety of looks, styles and colours. 

That means pool tables are no longer restricted to basements, as a lot of modern-day options are far too beautiful to be hidden away. But functionality is also another important factor that distinguishes modern pool tables from vintage ones, for modern-day designs can also fulfil the part of dining- or ordinary tables, immediately becoming part of your home’s décor. 

That is what we want to focus on today, and here to guide us is Xavigil, a professional company based in the Portuguese city Paços de Ferreira. Since 1977, Xavigil has been crafting sturdy and stylish table designs perfect for pool, table tennis, poker, roulette, or simply to form part of furnishings. 

Let’s check them out! 

1. The Onyx

We start with one of the latest creations by Xavigil – the Onyx pool table, available in more than 20 fabric colours and various wood- and lacquer finishes. That means you can have a picture-perfect table made for your home, regardless of space or style. 

As we can see, the Onyx stands out due to its simple lines and contrasting tones – don’t you think those charcoal blacks and soft browns would look splendid in a modern, industrial, or rustic-style space? 

And don’t forget about functionality, for as we can see this pool table can close up to become… well, a perfectly flat table surface ideal for dining, working, socialising, etc. 

Have a look at Xavigil’s website to see how the Onyx goes from a pool table to a dining one when accompanied by stylish chairs. 

2. The Enzo

From a less-is-more design to something very striking, the Enzo is for those who want their furnishings to flaunt a most exceptional look. There is no way this design will just melt into the background along with other furniture- and décor pieces, yet that is precisely the point: it was built to stand out! 

Similar to the Onyx, the Enzo comes available in various different colours, but don’t worry: that twisted design is consistent in all of them! 

3. A most unusual design

What makes Xavigil so exceptional is that the company, in addition to producing modern-style pieces, also caters to those who want their furniture and decorations to have a futuristic look. These elements would look perfect in a modern- or minimalist environment where it can flaunt those diagonal lines and unusual geometric designs with precision. 

Keep in mind that Xavigil not only designs pool tables, but can also help to restore and replace them, plus their related accessories such as the clubs, cloth, etc.  

4. A sharp shape

The clean lines and slanting angle of this design almost makes it look as if it’s about to take flight! And as the table’s foot is not perfectly centered, it adds an interesting asymmetrical and dynamical touch to the overall appearance. 

Another advantage is that this model is one of the lightest in Xavigil’s range, making it one of the easier options to bring into your space (and move around repeatedly to find its perfect location).  

5. A trapezoidal shape

Another futuristic-looking model, this one presents a super elegant shape and quite the unusual colour combination – ideal for when you want your pool table to be so much more than just a point of fun! 

6. Pure sophistication

For spaces that flaunt an elegant vibe (whether it’s a 5-star hotel or a stately mansion), this sophisticated shape is just the thing. It has a glossy black finish, copper style details, and rust-tinted cloth that show how delicious the results can be when the right neutral colours are mixed. 

7. Super functional

Pool table? Dining table? It’s both!

It’s understandable that not all homes possess adequate legroom for a pool table, for they tend to take up a lot of space. However, if said table pulls double duty as a dining table, then it shouldn’t be a problem, right? 

Just remember that you still require enough space around the table, whether for players or diners, in order to enjoy a comfortably functional zone. 

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