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How to choose the perfect sofa fabric and curtains for living rooms

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The living room is undoubtedly the most important place in the house as it is the first room that welcomes and greets guests. Visitors and loved ones alike come together to spend quality time with one another in the room. The living room symbolises happy, peaceful and harmonious relationships. Therefore, decorating the heart of the home makes for an attractive invitation to visitors. By choosing the right type of upholstery and curtains for living rooms, you can decorate your home to create the perfect look.

When looking for upholstery and sofa fabric for the living room, consider the following aspects:

Quality: Look for tightly-woven material, as it tends to last longer. Pick out fabric which has a high rub count – 15,000 or higher for residential use, as these fabrics are highly durable. 

Colour: Try to ascertain whether the fabric should blend with or act as a contrast in the room’s colour palette. The choice of colour should be based on the current decor and the style you prefer to showcase.

Usability: Be sure to pick a fabric that is suitable for the residential type of wear and tear and check for how difficult it is to clean the material as well as the time that is taken for cleaning it.

Fade resistance: Constant exposure to sunlight can cause the fabric to fade. It's best to opt for performance fabrics, such as Sunbrella, which can withstand exposure to light and heat. 

Curtain fabric plays a significant role in the overall decor of the room, which is why one should consider these factors when choosing curtains in living rooms:

Style: The style of a curtain of your choice largely depends upon the type of window the curtain covers. 

Colour: The colour of your choice can range from bold and bright to simple and subtle. 

Material: The durability of the fabric, whether it’s linen, silk, faux silk, or velvet, is an essential factor to consider, especially in terms of long-term maintenance.

Hardware: The hardware for the curtains should be picked based on the colour of curtains, walls, and furniture. It isn’t enough to choose modern curtains for living rooms. One should ensure that the curtain rods match the doorknobs, light covers, and other hardware in the home.

What are the types of sofa fabrics commonly used in Indian homes?

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In India, materials with high quality, durability and affordability play a significant role in the process of sofa fabric selection. Primarily, upholstery fabric can be divided into two main categories, namely natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. The following are the  types of upholstery fabrics commonly used in Indian homes:

Cotton: Cotton fabric is breathable and can absorb up to three times the moisture. It is washable and highly durable.

Woollen fabric: Woollen fabric is durable and sturdy, and is resistant to fading, pilling, soiling, and wrinkling. It is excellent for insulation and is allergen and fire-resistant. Woollen fabric, however, is not an option for tropical climates due to the insulation it provides. Moreover, it can work out to be quite expensive when a lot of fabric is required for the sofas.

Performance fabric: These fabrics are stain, water, mould and mildew resistant, highly durable and have antimicrobial traits. The common threads used for performance upholstery fabric are olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester.

Velvet: Velvet is highly coveted by many decorators for its silky-soft feel that adds a unique dimension to the furniture. Due to its texture, velvet attracts dust, making it quite a difficult task to clean it.

How to pick the perfect fabric for curtains for living rooms?

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The fabric for curtains in the living room and sofa go hand in hand. The correct choice of upholstery can uplift the overall ambience, style, and energy of the living room. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what you want for the living room; do you want the curtains to increase your privacy? Or do you want natural light in the room? Do you prefer classic-style or designer curtains for living rooms? It’s advisable to review the colour palette of the room and then decide which material suits it the best.

Modern curtains for living rooms take into consideration a wide range of factors, including functionality, insulation, material and usage. For example, cotton is a breathable fabric, which can be used for tropical climates and for letting in natural light, and it is suitable for earthy decor. Silk is an expensive and high maintenance fabric suited for luxurious decor. Velvet is preferred by design lovers, as it suits trendy and contemporary décor. The advantage of performance fabric is that it suits almost all types of decor and themes because of the wide variety of shades in which it is available.

What other factors contribute to living room design?

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Living room curtains and upholstery exemplify and accentuate the overall look of the house when chosen correctly. The interior decorators at homify, believe that the appearance of a room can drastically be altered with a simple change to the curtains. For a more holistic make-over to your living room, take into consideration factors such as furniture, lighting, and accessories. Lighting defines the space of the living room and accessories and adds a personal touch to the area. Fabrics bring the final touch of comfort, style and uniqueness to your home.

A few ideas for performance fabric as decorative accessories for the living room

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Besides using them for living room upholstery and curtains, decorators experiment with performance fabrics as table runners, tapestry and wall hangings, bulletin boards, floor cushions, headboards and throw blankets to accentuate the living room. There are many ways to breathe life into your space. You can experiment with colours, fabric and various decor accessories to bring out the best in your living room.

With the festive season approaching, you can draw inspiration from these ideas to make your home look festive for Diwali by using Sunbrella performance fabric as accents, upholstery or curtains in the living room!

What type of fabric will you choose for your home?
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