Ideas for Indian inspired home decor

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Indian culture and traditions always incorporate bright colours, intricate designs, and floral-inspired patterns. Like Indian culture, Indian inspired home decor ideas add a splash of vibrancy to your home. Mixing ethnic prints and colours like pink, yellow, or green will give your home an Indian look. 

You can add patterned throw pillows, ornate rugs, or rustic furniture to acquire an Indian-inspired home. Browse through these ideas to get inspired.

Patterned linen

From the cultures in Rajasthan, this bed linen is vibrant and is designed to stand out. In shades of the rainbow, the linen gives you bedroom the feeling of attending Holi, the colour festival in India. You can also add colourful throw pillows to your sofa or perk up your armchair with a vivid throw blanket.

Ethnic wall art

India, as a country, is famous for its architecture and paintings. Some intricate and some simple, the paintings give the home a regal feel. This wall art, designed by Ben Wall Mural Art, depicts the way of life in the rural parts of India. You can also add various God-inspired home decor ideas to your home for an authentic Indian look.


Indian-inspired home decor ideas have wooden elements, giving the rooms a rustic feel. A stunning design, this cabinet with a distressed finish is perfect for your home. The cabinet is designed with wheels, allowing you to place it to suit your needs.

A coloured affair

Enhance the decor of your home with bursts of vivid colours. This stool is crafted with printed and coloured fabric, giving it a unique look. A mixed design, the stool can be placed anywhere in your home. Similarly, you can add different prints, colours, and textures for an Indian-inspired look.

You can also add diwans in your home for an authentic Indian look. Visit this ideabook for more inspiration.

Printed rugs

Indian rugs have an antique looks with their designs. Intricate and ornate, a rug can add a regal look to your home. You can add a floral, printed, ethnic, or mix patterned rug to enhance the decor of your home. There are a variety of rugs that can blend perfectly with the decor of your home.

Flower power

Indian tradition and culture have a long standing relationship with flowers. You can go natural and add vibrant flowers to the rooms in your home. Or you can add artificial flowers to give your home decor ideas a floral touch. You can add flowers to your hallway, greeting your guests with the sweet fragrance.

Sculptures as a decor element

No Indian home is complete without a sculpture of a god or a goddess. Sculptures are an integral part of Indian home decor and bring back a spiritual feeling to the home. A Ganesha or a Durga idol can be  welcome additions integrated with other home decor ideas. 

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