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Modern rooftop terrace designs for houses

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Rooftop terraces have become the new retreat for families that want to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings from a vantage point. Gone are the days when terraces were the dumping ground for broken furniture, a few potted plants or a swing. Interior decorators and landscape designers are now turning these spaces into sophisticated entertainment zones with a host of amenities for formal and informal gatherings.

Besides landscaped mini gardens and furniture, rooftop terraces now feature waterfalls, decks, barbecues, bars and sun umbrellas. Though balconies are more common in most apartments, open terraces are a rarity and come only with penthouses, which is why they are so coveted in crowded cities. So, if you have a terrace and are looking for ideas to make it unique, then the designs in this ideabook can help you to customise it to your taste and make it a personal retreat.

1. Sea view terrace

This Goa-based apartment surrounded by lush greenery on all sides has a beautiful terrace with an enchanting view of a beautiful valley. To enjoy the natural beauty around the building and maintain the air of spaciousness, the architects decided to cover only some parts of the terrace and decorate the rest with potted plants. What you see is a breathtaking blend of modern sensibilities and the traditional charm of Portuguese design in the gaily painted windows. 

2. Open air paradise

To make the rooftop terrace truly special bring in lights, grass and plants adorned with beautiful flowers. Natural elements and relaxed seating arrangements make this outdoor terrace an ideal place to enjoy hot summer evenings and warm winter afternoons. The minimalist layout emphasised by the green lawn and colourful pots on the side make it a real zen garden.

3. Touch of Roman grandeur

Even if the simple design style is your preference it does not hurt to embellish the terrace with a bit of grandeur. The wooden roof of the artistic pergola held up by Roman style pillars is original while the furniture decorated with deep red furnishings adds to the royal atmosphere.

4. Enchanting terrace

This enchanting terrace layout is striking and comfortable. The semicircular arrangement has natural wood seating suspended over the stone flooring and artificial grass for an earthy look. Marble cladding on the wall with a Buddha mural makes a perfect setting for serene evenings with the family and large gatherings too.

5. Minimalist terrace

This minimalist terrace offers a fantastic view. The wooden bench style seats are perfect spots to enjoy sunlight and the surrounding view. The greenery around the seats lends colour to the all white terrace.

6. A touch of privacy

Maximise the space of a small terrace by arranging different sizes of pots and furniture creatively like in this image, so that they are in the shade when the sun rises. To improve the aesthetics the designers have used circular furniture decorated with colourful furnishings, which lifts the mood as soon as one steps into the area.

7. A colorful extravaganza

Spruce up the terrace with colour to brighten up the place and make the house stand out for miles! This colorful terrace with a charming mix of inbuilt furniture, open areas and an eclectic combination of serene white flower pots will tempt the neighbours to sneak a peek to enjoy its beauty.

8. Grandiose experiences

In a modern world ruled by box style apartments with tiny balconies and public terraces, this fantastic pavilion atop the marble pedestal is an oasis of comfort and relaxation. For a large terrace, a grand layout like this with pavilions decorated with modern sofas is ideal. It can make anyone feel like a king!

9. Entertainment area

The modern terrace deck here offers a homely entertainment area with lounging and barbecuing areas for guests. The smart layout of tables, sofas and chairs under a designer metal canopy with leaf cutouts allow the homeowners to entertain guests in the best way possible.

10. Cozy private space

Interior decorators have used every inch of this small terrace to turn it into a private retreat. The wall has a slit to connect the inner section to the outside. Potted plants and creepers on the roof keep the region cool during hot summers. Doesn't this charming layout of bench style seating and the large swing make you wish for a similar arrangement in your home too?

For more exciting designs, look at these inspiring ideas to make your terrace exceptional.  

Which of these modern rooftop terrace designs inspired you the most? Do let us know.

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