6 Magical ways to make old furniture look new.

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Changing upholstery and replacing cushions is a great way of upgrading existing living furniture but sometimes more innovative ideas are required to give an entirely new look to a  room. Sanding and giving a fresh coat of paint to existing furniture may appear easy in DIY videos but it painting wood and metal furniture requires a certain degree of expertise and practice. If you have a simple desk with empty space below and a worn out top then it can be turned into a cabinet with by making drawers or shelves out of unused pallets. Here are some creative ideas to give a new look to existing furniture by either giving them a rustic chic look or finding new uses for them with a few changes.

Painting old Kitchen cabinets

Restoring ordinary old furniture is relatively easy but for restoration of vintage or heirloom designer pieces, knowledge and experience is necessary to ensure that the original beauty and finesse is not lost in the restoration experiment. For painting an old cabinet like this first get the paint that is closest to the original colour before cleaning the surface with sandpaper to remove all the old paint and varnish. To retain the authentic look paint the interiors in a pristine shade of wood and the exteriors in the original tone.

Line vintage sofas with new fabrics

Old vintage furniture especially ones with beautiful carvings like this on the rear and the sides cannot be thrown away just because the fabric of the seats is faded, frayed and old. The money that will be spent on purchasing a new set of sofas for the living room can be spent in a better way by getting it restored with a new fabric that is more suited to modern tastes and compliments the rich color of the dark original wood. The off white background and grey pattern of the rich silk fabric in stark contrast with the mahogany wood makes the vintage sofa the most luxurious appearing piece in the living room.

Use old quilts on beds and couches

A casually thrown colorful quilt during any season across the bed can change the mood and setting of the room. This endearing deep blue quilt with wide floral border brightens the room making it appear warm and welcoming when laid against the white linen bed sheet. The traditional British simplicity and love for color is visible in this beautiful creation of Lisa Watson where a traditional quilt enhances the atmosphere of a simple and stark bedroom.

Painting old picture frames

Feeling bored on a summer afternoon or winter evening and lacking energy to move out of the house? Why not try to give a fresh lease of life to old wooden picture frames lying around in the attic or store room? If they have not been chewed up by wood borers or termites restore them with a fresh coat of colorful paint and designs. First clean them with soap and water to remove the insects, dust and grime. Dry the frames thoroughly before applying a coat of varnish. Allow the varnish to dry before painting a mix of abstract and flowery patterns that suit your fancy.

Mix old dishes with others more modern

Just as the purchase of a modern electrical vegetable chopper and blender does not mean that the old chopping board in the kitchen will be thrown away in the same way all sturdy old dishes can blend in with the new ones. Traditional brass pitchers and modern designer glass ones can stand side by side in your cabinet and used as and when required until they are too old and worn out to be used again. These hand painted wooden trays and ceramic mug that appear more appropriate for a country style kitchen look perfectly in place in a modern kitchen.

Lining walls with old paintings

Got an empty wall and nothing to cover it? Then line it either with colorful wall paper with mural prints or use old paintings with simple bespoke frame to add subtle color to the room. Sometimes paintings and hand painted fabrics purchased during overseas trips in flea markets are forgotten once everyone reaches home. If you have any old treasures like these gifted by friends or family get them framed and brighten up empty corridors or walls in the house. Depending on the size of the empty wall and room decor you can either choose a few small paintings that can be spread across the wall like a set or affix a single large painting.

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