10 affordable ideas to decorate your home

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Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home. However, many a time we dread the expenditure involved in creating one, and hence, restrict our dream. But not anymore! Use your imagination or take a cue from the creative ideas of our interior designers and decorators, and with just a little cash, you can give your house a stylish and fresh look. You will be surprised how a little hack here and there, or even a simple change, can make a massive difference in the decor of the home. Have a look!

1. A new look by refreshing the covers and cushions

Irrespective of the season, bring beauty into your home through décor. Floral patterns on cushion covers serve as a visual relief against the solid colours of the upholstery and blend with it in style. Keep the décor simple as the beauty in simplicity is everlasting.

2. Sign off with signature-style furniture

Chugh Villa, Innerspace Innerspace Modern living room

Chugh Villa


Choose furniture that is a little different from the standard designs and add your personal touch to it. The quirky design of the furniture will make the room stand out, and you won’t need an expensive piece to decorate the home and make it look sophisticated.

3. Make an impact through the headboard

Decorate the wall behind the bed with wooden planks or slats, which also double up as the headboard. The simple wooden planks strategically fixed on the wall will hardly cost anything, but the impact will be priceless.

4. Accentuate a wall in the living room

No expensive plasters, paint or texture – just an exposed brick wall adorned with a painted canvas will bring in compliments from all the visitors. It is modern and classy but has a rustic feel too.  

5. Give empty bottles a colourful makeover

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern living room

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan


Show your artistic ability with a DIY project and give the empty bottles in your house a bright makeover. Call it creativity or making the best of waste. Either way, it will be an inexpensive way to decorate the home.

6. The natural charm of pocket-friendly rattan accessories

Cane or rattan furniture is naturally beautiful and budget-friendly too. Rattan lampshades, chairs, baskets, swings… just follow a theme and decorate the room with everything natural. Believe us; you will never be bored with them.

7. Refurbish with a touch of elegance

Basement Lounge and Bar Area, Paimaish Paimaish Modern living room MDF Grey

Basement Lounge and Bar Area


Think before replacing or disposing of old furniture and accessories. Sometimes with a bit of fresh paint, the entire décor can be renewed in a small budget. Paint the kitchen cabinets and fix spotlights and metal lampshades to give your kitchen a bold industrial look.

8. Customise the display unit

With a bit of inventiveness and a little imagination, customise the display unit to make it a visual delight, even when there is nothing to display on it. It will also liven up a dull wall or corner of your house.

9. Family art for decorating the wall

WARLI FOLK ART PAINTING WALL HANGING, SET OF 3 PIECES WallMantra Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs MDF Multicolored



Frame the paintings done by your children for their school project, or even one of your creations from a hobby class, and hang them on the wall. With all the memories attached to it, you will get more pleasure from it than from the most expensive art.

Instead of framed pictures, paint a wall for a fun activity with your family!

Co-Working Space - Zoomstart India - the first bohemian themed co-working space in India, Dezinebox Dezinebox Country style bars & clubs Multicolored Office buildings

Co-Working Space—Zoomstart India—the first bohemian themed co-working space in India


10. Making the best out of broken pieces

Use the leftover pieces from breakages of prized collections, such as treasured chinaware and dedicate a wall of your home to it. With this idea, you can create an attractive and elegant wall at almost no extra cost.

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