An Impressive and Striking Exterior Façade for This Home in Chennai

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The exterior facade of a home is as critical as its interiors. While the interiors provide comfort and luxury to the residents, the exteriors create a visual treat for outsiders. Form and functionality are often discussed when it comes to architecture. While it comes most naturally to all designers, the interior designers and decorators of The Yellow Ink Studio in Chennai have exceeded all expectations with this home, which features a beautiful balance of style, design, and functionality. The use of rustic tones combined with modern elements makes it feel like a contemporary home with a classic twist. 

Gorgeous side view

Among the first things that strike you is the attractive tall trellis or arch at the entrance. The lattice has been covered with greenery, enhancing the curb appeal of the house. As you can see, the green cover has been introduced in various parts of the house to ensure that the natural feel is retained all around. The green plants work best against a rustic brick colour. The designers have done this to make the exterior look attractive and impressive.

Elegant frontal view

The main entrance to the home is subtle, but it works very well for this home. The reason for this is that this home seems to split into different levels vertically, making it appealing. A simple main door covered with green plants is distinctive and unique. The top level of the home has been kept open to outside view by using glass wherever possible. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling doors add an incredible effect to the exteriors.

Extensive use of glass

The designers have chosen to use glass extensively to create a modern effect to the façade of the home. You can see how the glass adds a beautiful charm to the balconies. The design of the outer periphery of a home is more about security than looks. However, even here, the designers have chosen a simple yet modern design. The light and modest pattern for the outside walls are not only impressive but also elevate the overall look of the façade. The brick effect makes for an incredible impression against the soft grey of the walls. The creepers hanging from the higher floor to the lower one bring the home closer to nature.

Impressive terrace

The terrace is probably the most exciting part of an individual home. Here, you can see that the homeowners can enjoy the terraces on two levels. While one is more of an extended balcony, the one on top is open to the sky. The extended balcony has the best view as it is spacious and allows you to relax amidst natural beauty. Each level of the home has windows that open into a bit of greenery in the form of potted plants.

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