10 wrought iron main gate designs for your house

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The main gate plays a significant role in adding character and personality to the house facade design. It urges strangers passing by and visitors to form an opinion about your home and lifestyle, but it also satisfies the functional requirement of providing privacy. Although gates are made of a wide variety of materials like iron, wood, steel and aluminium, wrought iron gates are the most popular due to their strength and durability. They also have unmatched classic elegance that boosts the stylishness of the façade. 

In this ideabook, we showcase a few designs that are perfect for Indian houses. 

1. The elegance of curved design

A dynamic see-through design with an artistic twist from the grill patterns allows visitors a clear view of the house from between the bars. Set between solid stone pillars it gives an impressive aura to the entire setup at the home’s entrance.

2. Stylish gate for a remarkable home

Your personality is unique, and the home’s entry gate should match with a design like this, which shows it off perfectly. Copy this idea and captivate the attention of visitors and make them speculate about where you got this fantastic idea!

3. Perfect mixture of strength and beauty

Automatic remote controlled steel gates AGD Systems Eclectic style houses
AGD Systems

Automatic remote controlled steel gates

AGD Systems

Distinctive and elegant, this gate catches everyone's eye due to its traditional patterns and design that do not take away the appearance of quiet strength emanating from its stature. A wrought-iron gate painted in solid black can last for several decades as long as it is coated regularly to prevent rust.

4. See-through gate

A simple gate with horizontal bars can become an attractive piece of art when it is set amid elegant stone walls with pergola-style cement slats poised above it. The design gives teasing glimpses of the house within, which is hidden from street view by the tall boundary walls. 

5. Distinctive design

Looking for a smart wrought iron or steel gate design? Here is your answer. This metal gate is a classic creation with a solid frame and multiple strips of iron running parallel to each other, leaving almost negligible gaps. The medium height gate is divided into two sections, one for pedestrians and the other for vehicles.

6. Teasing view

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan residence The Yellow Ink Studio Bungalows
The Yellow Ink Studio

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan residence

The Yellow Ink Studio

A sliding low-height gate with built-in geometric pattern gives a teasing view of the main door and front yard. The main entrance for vehicles is securely designed with an automatic locking system, while there is a separate pedestrian gate on the side.

7. Stately grandeur

Rima and Devaiah's Residence Sandarbh Design Studio Eclectic style houses
Sandarbh Design Studio

Rima and Devaiah's Residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

The elaborate leaf-shaped motifs built into this professionally designed gate and on the arch above it give the home a majestic appearance with the grey wall making a fitting frame for the artistic design. 

8. A delicate structure of simplistic designs

Geometrical shapes have been woven together to form a formidable-looking gate set within stone pillars, which is suitable for this elegant house. The symmetrical lines and angles made of wrought iron bars create a charming impression while the curvaceous lines above it woven in an intricate design look magical.

9. Minimalist simplicity

The minimalist iron bars on this fencing gate add to the elegance of a rustic style home as it protects without being overly ornate. It brings a stylish element to the facade's simple theme of brick and wood.

10. Surprisingly transparent

This delicate-looking iron gate design is designed to impress but also strong enough to keep out intruders. The simple modern design suits the overall design of the home designed for a single-family.

If you love the classic look of iron, look at these designs of main doors for inspiration.

Some more gate designs

Here is another simple yet elegant iron gate design that can perfectly complement any classic, rustic or contemporary house. Featuring a linear pattern and a see-through construction, the door aligns well with the stunning façade. Also, its grey-black colour creates a striking contrast with the white walls.

If you want something simple yet sturdy for your main gate design, then this option will definitely serve your purpose. Displaying black colour and horizontal lines on the sides, a gate design such as this can seamlessly blend with the clean lines on the exterior of small Indian homes. Also, the centre of the gate is completely covered with a black sheet and does not offer views of the inside, helping to maintain the required amount of privacy.

Which gate would you choose for your home? Let us know in your comments.

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