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10 trendy flooring ideas for Indian homes

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Well-chosen floor designs can transform the overall ambience of your home and uplift its charm. Today we have so many choices for flooring that it has become challenging to choose a single one. Though earlier traditional floors like cement, marble, red oxide and brick were preferred, today other options like vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and even linoleum are being accepted with enthusiasm.

When it comes to flooring options, nowadays, most Indian homeowners prefer ceramic or vitrified tiles as they are affordable and easy to maintain. However, there are many other flooring options available today some of which are common, while others are less known. Each of these materials has its advantages in terms of aesthetics, cost, durability and other factors.

In this ideabook, we look at some affordable and beautiful floor options to help you to consider them for the flooring of your home, or at least to gain some understanding of the various flooring materials.

1. Hardwood Floors

A slightly expensive but popular option hardwood flooring designs are available in strips, planks and parquet patterns. These floors are durable if maintained well and come in natural shades like walnut and teak to suit almost any decor theme. Wear and tear over time can sometimes cause noises, creaks and squeaking. Hardwood flooring comes with different designs at varying price levels.

2. Natural Stone Floor

The natural look of stone adds beauty to the design of any home and is appropriate to provide a cooling element for the Indian summers. The choice of colours and patterns offer almost unlimited options that can be matched to suit different colour schemes. If you are looking for a little touch of luxury, there are many popular options for stone floor tiles such as limestone, slate, travertine and others. When used for the balcony, soft stone floors must be coated every couple of years with a sealant. For the interiors, harder stones, such as granite and marble, will require sealing every four to five years.

3. Red oxide floor

Oxide flooring comes in various colours besides red. These include green, blue, yellow and black. This type of flooring is elegant and easy to maintain and has been used in traditional Indian homes for generations. In addition to being easy to maintain red oxide floors feel cool to the touch, so they are an ideal flooring option for homes located in warm or tropical locations. This flooring material has a glossy finish that gets better over time.

4. Granite Flooring

This naturally occurring stone which is available in a wide variety of colours in the Indian market can add sophistication to any home. It’s relatively stain-resistant when finished and exceptionally durable as well as easy to maintain. It stays cool for most parts of the year and hence is an excellent choice for flooring in India keeping in mind the tropical weather.

5. Ceramic tiles

Floors adorned with ceramic tiles give the best value for your money, as they provide reliable, durable flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning the spaces between the tiles may take a little effort, but it is not a big problem because ceramic tiles can last forever if one cares for them properly.

6. Concrete Floor

Flooring in concrete is one of the strongest and probably the most durable flooring options which has been part of Indian homes for several decades before tiles became trendy. Concrete flooring is very resistant but excessive moisture can lead to cracks and pits and affect the floor severely. Nowadays, concrete floors come in colours other than grey, and designers use textures to make them more attractive.

7. Laminate Flooring

Laminate is considered one of the most budget-friendly flooring options that give a beautiful finish to the floor. They are stain-resistant and can handle water spills besides being quite durable. However, they scratch easily, so it’s best to take the advice of floorers before using it in the kitchen or bathroom.

8. Marble Flooring

Marble is easily the most luxurious and stylish flooring material to install in a home. The stone is prized for its durability, beauty and luxurious finish, which is why it was used in palaces and stately monuments for several centuries. It is available in multiple colours to suit varied design styles. Though it looks impressive and luxurious marble floors can get scratched or chipped easily, and acids from food spills or cleaning agents can lead to discolouration, so one needs to maintain it well.

9. Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic flooring is made up of chips of granite and marble placed in concrete or similar materials. You might remember them from a grandparent’s home, as they were the norm in previous decades due to their durability. Today, these traditional floors have been improved and are now stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

10. Brick flooring

If you are looking for sturdy and weather-resistant flooring for open to air areas like patios, terraces or verandas, then brick is the best option as it is durable and easy to maintain. They are non-slippery and fire-resistant.

Here are some more ideas for terrace and patio flooring.

Which flooring material is your favourite? Leave us a comment.

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