Easy Ways to Adorn Your Apartment with Parisian Magic!

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The word “Paris” conjures up images of classic romances, chic fashion and flamboyant grandeur. And the spirit of the French capital gets reflected in the decor of Parisian apartments too.  

Paris has a mix of ultra chic apartments and cosy country homes. While each has its own charm, what people typically mean by Parisian style home design today, is a modern apartment with traditional Parisian accents. You may not live in Paris, but there is no reason why your apartment cannot emulate the elegant and fashionable French style of interior decoration.

With Parisian decor, you can try to stick to simple or modest ideas, if you are not keen on spending too much. But chances are, you will end up incorporating some gorgeous aesthetic pieces here and there, for an authentic Parisian look and feel! So let’s take a closer look at the brilliant tips, which can transport you to the city of stunning art, architecture and classy living.

Go for white walls with a pastel feature wall

Parisians generally tend to go with pastels for their wall, as it allows you to maximize and accentuate the décor elements strongly. Besides, it is a natural way to increase reflective natural light and feeling of spaciousness in any room. Tones of grey, beige and white dominate in Parisian style home design. But what sets them apart is, using not just any tone but the right one. There can just about be 50 shades of white. Don’t go for the milky cream, cold blue-based or tinted yellow. Instead, your white needs to have just about an imperceptible warm tint of pink for the right luxurious glow.

Take eclectic inspiration from Phillipe Starck

There is no better place to look for inspiration! A gregarious, whimsical and open-minded style of design can add a modern and eclectic touch to your apartment. The Boxinbox shelf drawers, the SerGio table, the minimalistic wall clocks or handwoven fabric chairs with unique backrests can add a touch of creativity to any room.

One of the best things about Starck’s simple but inventive structures is the democratization of design, making high quality design and style accessible to everyone without intimidating prices. His plastic furniture line – the Kartell Louis Ghost chair has sold over a million pieces, and can fit into any room to add an interesting modern touch. Be inspired!

Welcome the opulence of chandeliers

What is a romantic Paris home without a touch of bling! Think of the Palace of Versailles. A chandelier in your living room or dining room can be a perfect way to add French style to your apartment. Your chandelier’s diameter should be 50% of the table width or greater, and it should be hung with the bottom of the fixture 30 inches above the table top for a ceiling that is 8’ tall. Parisian apartments allow you to go all vintage or completely modern with chandeliers, depending on how you’ve done up that space in the room. Think of how much light you need, and go for a chandelier that can switch from bright for entertaining friends to dim and romantic for a candlelight dinner. Take a cue from this breathtaking dining and living space designed by Architectural Bureau Alexander Ivanyushin, interior architects from Voronezh.

Include antique and vintage twists

Now we come to that part of the apartment décor that you’ll simply love. Vintage can emerge in the most unsuspecting corners. The French typically don’t do a lot of replacement of old things – which means, if it is not broken, it really doesn’t need to be fixed. It can be an old set of drawers, a treasure chest under the coffee table, an antique wall clock or decorative photo frames. Without a touch of vintage, your Parisian décor will be a tad incomplete.

Exploit the beauty of oriental rugs

Oriental rugs can add a lovely sense of chic and dash of colour, complementing the plain white walls. The intricate design of such a rug typically goes with Parisian style decor, as it calls for attention to details just like every aspect of the apartment. Rich blues, deep reds and even nude designs on white, can add a wonderful look. Feel free to make the most out of an oriental carpet in your living space, dining area or bedroom. Being French doesn’t come without a designer label, so get a good designer carpet to adorn your living room and more than half your work is done.

Buy neutral furniture

Because furniture is not something you’ll change every year, it’s best to go for neutral furniture that can fit into all décor styles. That way, even if you redecorate for the season or do an overhaul to a different style, you won’t have to invest in a new set of furniture. There is a timelessness about neutral colours and furniture, which can help you focus on the other décor items in your room with ease.

Mix and match historical periods

Paris has seen an art revolution in almost every era. Why not infuse your home with some of that? It can be a modern interpretation of a classic art. Some of the famous sculptures can be done up in gold or bronze in life size, and added to your chic home décor. You can choose ornate window accents from the colonial era and mix it with a contemporary floor lamp. The final look will be unique, just like you.

Hang large prints and fun artworks in black frames

Neutral walls leave a lot of room for accent décor. And Paris is the art capital of the world. So why not borrow some of their interesting painting remakes and adorn your wall with black frame finishes? May be you can create your own interpretation of Parisian art, and frame it too!

Combine different textures

A  luxuriously soft velvet sofa, a smooth finished rug, a wooden textured floor or a patterned ceiling can all wonderfully come together to create a well-finished Parisian apartment. For instance, in this bedroom, a plush bed combines with a wooden table, wooden flooring, a skin rug, copper light fixtures and fluttering drapes to create a warm and inviting appeal.

A touch of gold!

You can’t decorate like a Parisian without a hint of golden luxury i.e. the vintage version of it. Intricately carved golden artwork frame or mirrors can add a splash of lavishness effortlessly. A golden touch can find its way to sculptures or the chandeliers too.

Once you follow these tips for decorating your apartment like a Parisian, rest assured that your guests will simply stare or go wow. So make it worth their while. Here is another ideabook to inspire you - Vintage bedrooms: your how to guide.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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